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General Fitness 11.18.14


General Fitness 11.18.14

Prep Work
500M Row or 2Min Air dyne
2X30 Hollow rock
2X10 Lunge strict KB press

5 Min Max calorie row
rest 5 min
5 Min Max calorie air dyne
Rest 5 min

Knee Raises
Push ups

****If you break on any set before the final rep of that set Restart that set… Only 2 attempts on any portion
There will be a 7 Min time cap

Cool Down
Post results

18 Responses

  1. DBG

    First time in a while back with a 5 AM crew, felt good 🙂 84 cal on the airD, 88 cal on the rower. Made it through the wod unbroken except for the 21 handstand push-ups.

  2. BG

    Good prep work. Keep the body warm.

    5:00 Cal Row: 83
    5:00 Airdyne: 76

    21-15-9 T2B and Push Ups
    T2B 21 Unbroken 15 (7-8) 9 Unbroken
    21-15-9 Puah Ups Unbroken.

    Great quick breathe taken WOD.

  3. Irina

    Airdyne 62
    Row 60
    Knees to elbows/T2B
    Push ups
    Broke up the push ups maybe only twice. Should have aimed for T2B the whole WOD.
    I like 5am!

  4. Trish

    Great workout today! So cold though!
    Row-66 I think cant remember.
    Airdyne- 44
    WOD- Level 1- 3:15
    knee pushups. Good day going back later for more. 🙂

  5. Eric Dean

    Row – 116 cals
    Airdyne – 104 cals

    WOD – T2B were good but i still have to work on HSPU.

    Definitely a good way to start the day

  6. Vanessa Esquivel

    5 min max cal row – 73
    5 min max cal air dyne – 70

    Knee raises
    Push ups (regular)
    Time – 6:40

    Thank you Brenden for the extra mobility tips!!

  7. Tina

    Row – 77 …put the damper on 10 for fun 🙂

    Airdyne- my bike kept making a disturbing noise…I got 56


    21 unbroken t2b & hspu
    15 10t2b then 5t2b hspu 9/6
    9 t2b and hspu unbroken

    Finished with about 20 seconds to spare

  8. Teressa

    5 min max calorie row: 82 (felt a little slow on this one, think I could have picked it up a little bit)
    5 min max Airdyne: 73

    WOD level 1 (t2b and pushups from my knees)
    Finished in 4:56
    My pushups are improving, but those last few on the last round were not pretty!

  9. Ken

    110 cal Airdyne followed by 107 cal row. Knees feeling a bit better…

    Level 1 in 2:42. Should have sucked it up and at least done T2B…major slacker :/

    Do-overs on Thursday…

  10. Samm

    Row: 77
    Air dyne: 62

    Unbroken on the wod, knee raises (Kipped them, whoops) and push ups from toes (ugly, so ugly) done in 4:40. Will work on strict knee raises next time.

    Stretched and rolled out- worked on ankle and soleus mobility as well as monkey squats in the three feet positions.

    Worked on handstands, free standing and against the wall. Holds are getting better.

  11. Heather

    I did the air dyne twice since my back is still hurting me.
    70/75 calorie – ouch
    WOD : 4:43
    I had to do the push-ups on my knees they really killed my arms today.

    I got in a lot of stretching today so it was good

  12. Heather

    I did 48 on the Airdyne and 59 on the rower.
    I did the level one and finished in 4:39 I think.
    Just glad I made it to another WOD honestly.

  13. Teresa

    Group stretch:

    Prep work:

    5 min max cal. Row
    (64 cal.)
    5 min rest.
    5 min max cal air dyne:

    21- 15- 9
    Knee raises
    Push ups
    (4:09 mins)

    : ) : ) : )

  14. Christy K

    WOD: The airdyne kills me every time. I always think it’s gonna get easier, but it NEVER does!
    5min row: 79cal
    5min airdyne: 60cal
    Made it through the TTB Push up combo with 40 seconds left over. (Did pushups on my knees, probably should start trying to move up to my toes).

    Overall good day… although I don’t know that I’ll be able to move my arms or legs in the AM 😉

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