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General Fitness 11.19.14


General Fitness 11.19.14

Programming Note- Wednesdays will have a split option for goals. Option A will be aimed towards strength, Option B will still involve strength but more conditioning

Prep Work
2X30 Table top stretch
2X30 Couch stretch
2X30 Soleus stretch

Strength (Option A+B)
Taking last weeks 5RM
Every 2 Min for 10Min 3 Back squats

Really focus on your depth and speed on the squat. We want to be breaking below parallel of course while maintaining a good upright position

Strength (Option A)
Every 2 min for 10 Min
5 Heavy KB Bench press+10 Double KB Russian swings (Same weight)

Option A
3 Rds
10 30″/24″ Box jumps
10 Burpees
Rest 2 min
3 Rds
10 Heavy DB KB Clean
10 Heavy DB KB Jerk
rest 2 min
Max Double unders in 3 Min (Every time you break on your set do 5 strict pull ups)

Option B
20 Min EMOM
Even Min 10 Dumbbell snatch 5R+5L
Odd Min 30 Double unders-Multiplier for today will only be 2X

Cool Down
Post results

18 Responses

  1. BG

    Funny how this works….. The warmer the box is, the better WOD you get! 🙂

    Had a good prep work stretch.

    10: Minute Back Squat.
    Worked up to 220. Actually felt really good. I felt like my form was good.

    WOD: 20 Minute EMOM:
    Used 65DB about the 12th minute I went switched back and forth from one arm to the other. Left side felt a little weaker.
    Double Unders are still a pain! Didn’t get all of them. I’d switch singles to DU. Must of them were DU.

    Over all pretty bad $SS..!!


  2. Trish

    Great day! Loved this workout! I like having the 2 options!
    Back Squats-
    Warmed up with….
    Then used the 105lbs for the 10min.
    Did the conditioning portion today.
    20min EMOM- used 25lb DB and 30lb DB every other round for the snatch. 🙂 was super proud and happy about this. Did singles but instead of 60 I did 75.

  3. Russian Princess

    BS @175, felt great.
    WOD altered it due to cramping calfs

    Started with
    10 24″ box jumps
    10 burpees
    3:48 min
    Rest 2 min then
    10 DB KB 35s
    10 DB KB 35s
    5 strict pull ups
    Rest 2 min then
    5 min EMOM
    Bench press 26s could have gone heavier on these
    10 Russian swings started with 26s then last 3 rnds was 35s.

    Rolled quads and hams out and took pix for cool down.
    Trish and Monica killed it today!! Good job girls!

  4. Jim

    Really like the Wednesday programming. Did Level 1.
    For the Squats I stayed at 185#, tried working on form and full depth, back is feeling good. For Bench I used the 44’s, seemed to be ok on my Rt shoulder. Used 30″ Box for box jumps, I didn’t look to see how long it took -maybe 5 mins? For Cleans and Presses used the 44’s, again didn’t look how long it took? Ran out of time to do Double Unders, maybe I’ll do them tonight at home.

  5. Clint

    Chose to go with A. because I definitely need to work on my strength.

    Every 2 min for 10 min:
    3 back squats @235#
    Felt heavy on the last 2 sets but manageable.

    Went with 53# KBs on the bench press and DB KB Russian swings. Definitely could’ve gone heavier on the bench press but the swings were pretty heavy.

    3 rounds of:
    10 box jumps @30″
    10 burpees
    Time – 3:39

    Rested 2 min

    3 rounds of:
    10 DB KB cleans
    10 DB KB jerks
    Went with 44# KBs
    Broke the cleans up into sets of 5-4-1 each round and then unbroken on the jerks. 44# felt about right. I think 53# would’ve been to heavy.
    Time – 2:46

    Rested 2 min

    3 min of max DU’s with 5 strict pullups each time DU’s were broken.
    Hit my foot at 7 then chose to stop at 60 and then 105
    Finished with 154 DU’s

  6. Tiffany

    OK today I had to find a 5 rep max I feel like I might be able to hit 200 but today I did 5 reps at 195 lbs. The 10 minutes of kb bench press and Russian swings I used the 35lbs. Kb. For all rounds, the box jumps and burpees I finished 3 rounds in 2: 58 the kb cleans and jerk took me at least 4 minutes I didn’t track time on this!

  7. Prep Work
    only did 1 round, but had stretched with the 11am class and had done some some sets of squat test during the day already so knew id be ok. Plus after coaching classes knew i wouldn’t have a lot of time to get to my weight.

    Strength (Option A+B)
    Taking last weeks 5RM
    Every 2 Min for 10Min 3 Back squats

    last week i hit 345… Used 335 today thinking it was 345. it felt really heavy so doubt i would have been able to hit 345 for all ten minutes.

    Strength (Option A)
    Every 2 min for 10 Min
    5 Heavy KB Bench press+10 Double KB Russian swings (Same weight)

    Used 53’s maybe should have gone 62’s but still taking it easy on my right bicep

    rested maybe 90 sec and right into the next

    Option A
    3 Rds
    10 30″/24″ Box jumps
    10 Burpees
    i think 2:51
    Rest 2 min
    3 Rds
    10 Heavy DB KB Clean
    10 Heavy DB KB Jerk
    used 53’s
    did 9+1 on the clean and jerks were unbroken.
    i think it took me a little under 4 min
    rest 2 min

    Max Double unders in 3 Min (Every time you break on your set do 5 strict pull ups)

    these sucked got 130 ish, broke 4 times. no pull up(bicep)

    Cool Down
    drank a fit aid:)

    Gotta say i liked todays fast pace.


  8. Heather

    BS 135# – felt really good
    26# kb for bench and Russian swings. I tried the 35’s first but they felt too heavy but after two rounds I feel like I should’ve been at 35’s.

    Box jump at 24 inches and Burpee’s felt good.

    Clean & jerk at 26# and it was definitely hard.

    Worked on my double unders today and I got three in a row. I did 10 strict pull-ups with the Redband.

    I absolutely loved today’s workout and I think the country music really helped 🙂

  9. Vanessa Esquivel

    Came in early for lots of extra mobility for squats.

    Strength option
    BS @ 135
    KB bench press + 10 KB Russian swings w 26s

    3 rounds
    10 box jumps (2 x 18″, 1 x 24″)
    10 burpees

    Rest 2 min

    3 rounds w 26s
    10 KB clean
    10 KB jerks
    4:30 ish

    3 min of DU, forgot to keep track, but I ended up doing 20 strict pull ups within the 3 minutes.

  10. Renate T

    The warm up and prep work felt great today, I really needed to stretch.
    Did 105 for the back squats.
    WOD: did option B, the 20 min EMOM.
    I rotated back and forth from #20 to #30 dumbells for the snatches. Did single unders instead of DU’s.
    I really enjoyed this workout, kept my heart rate up the whole time, without feeling like my chest was going to explode. 🙂

  11. Hannah Ramos

    115 for my 3 rep back squats. Felt easy, so time for more weight! Did option B…25 lb dumbell snatches and did singles. Enjoyable wod.

  12. Samm

    145# for back squats.
    35# KBs for bench and Russian swings.

    3 rounds: 24″box step ups(jumps still scare me, time to work on that) and burpees: 3:26

    3 rounds:
    Dbl KB cleans with 35s
    Switched to 26s for the jerks because my left shoulder wasn’t feeling too stable today.
    Don’t know my exact time because I had to do some shuffling around, somewhere around 5min.

    Jump ropes sucked. Rope caught in my hair twice before I fixed it. Only got to 55 singles before It caught again and I was done. Did three sets of 5 strict pull ups.

    Cooled down with some wrist and shoulder movements.

    Thanks Susana for pushing me!

  13. RachelGarza

    BS #95 felt good should have gone heavier
    Option B:
    25 lbs KB felt good maybe 30 next time
    Single jump rope.
    Awesome wod
    Love strength and conditioning

  14. Tiffany Carley

    Well apparently I am unable to count. I thought I had 215 on the bar but it turns out I actually had 225. So that is what I did for the 10min EMOM. felt pretty good. Started to get heavy on the last set. The last rep I could feel my legs starting to fatigue.

    Used #44 kb on bench press.
    First set used #35 kb but decided that was too light.

    Did box step ups cause I’m too chicken to do box jumps. Buprees Time: 4:19

    Used #35lb kb for clean and jerks. Broke up the jerks into sets of 5. Last set of cleans broke up into 5s. Time was around 4 mins.

    Used 3 mins to work on double unders. Trying to keep a straight body for DUs and move wrists quicker.
    2 sets of pull ups with green band.

    Mobility work and cool down

  15. Jonathan

    Prep Work
    Went fast, there was a lot happening at the gym tonight. Two short rounds then went to work

    Strength (Option A+B)
    BS felt they best they had in a long long time. I might have gone heavier than I should have but felt too good. 315-335-355-375-375. Got deeper, brought my feet in, slightly slowed though the middle

    Option A
    3 Rds
    10 30″/24″ Box jumps
    10 Burpees
    Got lost on this just went for it, I was moving, well enough through the burpees, probably did box jumps in six before a break

    3 Rds
    10 Heavy DB KB Clean
    10 Heavy DB KB Jerk
    53 –lb, got done in 2:19, allowed for to get poopy as I was going for time. Fun!

    Max Double unders/Pull ups
    Best my double unders have felt had two rounds of mulligans for sub ten, then the last two times going at the double unders I think I got into the 20s then thirties, hello conditioning.

    All good things last night.

  16. Teresa

    prep work: stretches

    Strenght: 5RM
    Back sqauts:
    5 Reps every 2 min. For 10 mins. @85lbs.

    20 min. EMOM:
    Even min: 10 dumbbell snatches 5L-5R @ 10 lbs
    Odd min: 60 single unders.

    Great workout… : ) 🙂 : )

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