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General Fitness 11.22.14

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  1. Jim

    Good Sat workout!
    For Strength EMOM, did Cleans instead worked up to 175# that felt real good.
    For WOD I teamed up with Andy, we split the Dbl Unders up I did 150 DU’s Andy did 300 Singles, my first 50 and my last 50 were unbroken. The Burpee’s were split up in sets of 10 – those SUCK! Rope climes were split up also, Andy is learning still, he did 3 which were all arms, I was very impressed seeing that, he is still working on the footwork part, I did 9 rope climbs. Really not sure what time we finished? Need a couple of IPA’s to help re- hydrate.

  2. Moonie

    Oly: 40lbs
    WOD: partner Jose
    I did 300 singles / split into 2 sets of 150
    Burpes: I did the first 15 the 20 then the last 7 total: 42
    Split rope climbs – I did them laying on the ground,pulling myself up.

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