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General Fitness 11.25.15


General Fitness 11.25.15

***This weeks schedule.***
 Wednesday—Regular schedule.
**Thursday —Closed
**Friday—One class at 11 am.
**Saturday— Closed. If you’re the person that needs to do something. Get outside, go for a drive to the mountains and enjoy the outdoors and time with family, if it’s snowing go sledding. It’s good to do something different and put your fitness to the test and remember why  most of us exercise is to enjoy life and family.

Prep Work
3 min Row (:20 Slow, :20 Med, :20 Fast)
Dowel External Rotation X1 Min Each side (mob app)

Sleeper Stretch X1 Min Each side (mob app)

2X10 Banded resisted squats-Hands on neck


Taking between 70-90% Of last weeks heaviest snatch

7 Min EMOM

2 Full snatch
Rest 3 min


Taking between 70-90% of Last weeks heaviest clean and jerk

7 Min EMOM

2 Clean and jerk
Approach these first two parts as an opportunity to practice these lifts

21-15-9 For time

KB Shoulder to OVHD

Plate burpees-45lb plate
Cool Down


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