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General Fitness 11.26.14


General Fitness 11.26.14

Thanksgiving Week Schedule:

Wednesday – Normal classes
Thursday – Closed
Friday – 10am,11am
Saturday – Normal classes

Also please save the date. December 20th we will be having our Christmas Party. More info to come

Programming Note- Wednesdays will have a split option for goals. Option A will be aimed towards strength, Option B will still involve strength but more conditioning

Prep Work
2X30 Table top stretch
2X30 Couch stretch
2X30 Soleus stretch

Strength (Option A+B)
Taking last weeks (click here) back squat weight add 5-10%
Every 2 Min for 8Min 3 Back squats

Really focus on your depth and speed on the squat. We want to be breaking below parallel of course while maintaining a good upright position

Strength (Option A)
5 Rds
Using double KB’s
10 Heavy Diggers
3-7 Strict press
rest 2 min

WOD (Option A)
10 Rds for time
3 Shoulder to OVHD 155/115
5 C2B Pull ups

WOD (Option B)
16 Min EMOM
EVEN min :20 Hollow Hold
ODD min 10 Weight walking lunges

ACC Work
50 Russian swings for time with 70/53

Cool Down

Post results

15 Responses

  1. Jim

    For the squats I stayed at 185# today, my back was super tight today and I didn’t want to push then go backwards.
    For the WOD I did Level 1, used 44’s for the diggers and 35’s for the strict presses. Finished at 10:56.
    For the Shoulder to OVHD I loaded the bar with 135#, and hoped I could stay with that weight, that was my 1st goal. I finished at 11:31, I met my goal of not dropping weight, did mostly C2B with some regular. Tough workout today!

  2. Moonie

    Back Squats: 95lbs I seem to lean forward quite often during the last squat of the 3- Not good.
    WOD: Option B
    Started lunges with pink kettle bell, then the next round changed to Blue kettle bell.
    I did the Acc. Work w/ yellow KB

  3. Hannah Ramos

    Worked up to 125 lbs for my 3 back squats. Did conditioning WOD with 2 26 lb kb for lunges. Had to rush so no accessory work!

  4. Mandi

    Back squats: first two rounds @155#, third round at #175, last round @185#. Thanks for the push Gina! For the WOD I did option A. Used 26#kbs for diggers and strict press, finished in 10:09. For the OVHD I started with 105# but only did that for the first round then dropped down to 85# and used small red band for kipping pull ups, finished in 8:32. For the acc work used a 53# kb for 50 unbroken Russian swings, finished in 1:07

  5. Vanessa Esquivel

    Every 2 Min for 8Min 3 Back squats
    135, 145 (failed on 3rd rep), 145, 145

    Strength (Option A) – 5 rounds using 26# KBs. The diggers felt great, but I couldn’t get more than 3 strict press each round. I failed every time I tried, just need to work on strengthening my left shoulder 🙁

    WOD (Option A) – 10 rounds for time – 11:06
    3 Shoulder to OVHD @ 90, 90, 85, & 75 to finish. I push jerked, split jerked, and mostly push pressed.
    5 kipping pull ups without a band, 3s and 2s, then 2s and singles to finish.

    ACC Work
    50 Russian swings for time with 53# KB – 1:06, it was hard to move quick on these, you really do have to pull down on the KB to move faster.

  6. Trish

    Back squats-worked my way up to 110lbs. Last week used 105lbs
    Did the conditioning option-but instead of weighted lunges Marcos had me do the Airdyne for 30sec each time. The hollow holds were with one leg bent.
    Acc. Work- 50 Russian swings-
    Used yellow KB and did all 50 unbroken! Was happy about this. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 🙂

  7. Ken

    Substituted overhead squats @ 115#

    Option A @ 44#. Presses challenge the left shoulder.
    Shoulder to overhead @ 135#. 9:30. Coulda shoulda moved faster…
    50 Russian kb swings with the red taped bells #???

  8. Tiffany Carley

    I was trying to get warmed up to 225 for my back squat but I couldn’t get there fast enough to get all 4 sets at 225. So my back squats were 185, 205, 225, 225.

    Option A. #35 kbs for diggers and 7 presses. Time was 10:09.

    10 rds
    3 OVHD @ 105
    5 kipping pull ups with green band.
    Time 12:10
    Hang cleaned 105 each time to get it off the ground. It probably was a waste of time to clean the weight that way, but it worked for me. Im pretty sure I was push pressing every ovhd.

    50 Russian swings in 55secs. I was moving as fast as I could cause my grip was giving and I didn’t want to pick that kb up again.

    Enjoyed today’s WOD. I love pushing myself. Suprised myself today doing #105 for those OVHD. And I somehow kept up with Mandi. She motivates me and makes me work harder. I have to get out of my comfort zone when she’s around. 🙂

  9. Cash

    Back squats:
    155 155 175 185 with Mandi :)) always great with her, she pushes me too !!!

    16min EMOM
    hollow hold :30sec
    10 reps 44lb KB rt arm lunges forward and reverse

    Ok so….I was waiting for ken and karly to finish their workout so I decided to do the 12 days of Thanksgiving workout ..made it to the 8th day before we needed to leave.

    *** chastized by Coach B for overtraining, he punished me with an additional 3 min of hell on the airdyne ! That was harder than the entire workout today ! Thank you Vanessa for joining me :)))

  10. Teresa

    Group stretch.

    Prep work.

    Back sqauts @85lbs. Every 2 minutes for 8 min.

    16 min EMOM (8 sets)
    Even min: 20sec hollow holds
    Odd min: 10 30lbs weighed walking lunges.

    50 Russian swings@ 40lbs
    2:00 min.

    : ) : ) : )

  11. Tiffany

    OK back squats I did 195lbs all rounds, the WOD I did option A, the diggers were interesting first round I did 26lbs diggers and 7 strict press, I tried to go heavier I did 35 lbs diggers aND strict press all other rounds, 2nd round 10 diggers, 5 strict press 3Rd round 10 diggers 5 strict press, 4th round 10 diggers, 4 strict press 5th round 10 diggers 1 strict press 95lbs all rounds and chest to bar pullups! I was proud I did all chest to bar pullups took me a little longer but I did them finished in 11:05, accessory work i did 50 unbroken at 35lbs., yep I was pooped at this point lol great workout

  12. Samm

    Back squats- 155. Was a nice little challenge on sore legs. Still felt comfortable and very doable.

    Used 26s for the digs/strict press, wished I could have used 35s but my left shoulder just can’t strict press that yet!
    7 strict presses for each round except the last, where I failed at 5.

    WOD was super fun!
    75# for shoulder to overhead (push jerked, thank you Marcos for reminding me to stand up all the way!)
    Thinner green band for pull ups. 7:10.

    Used the 26 for the 50 Russian swings.

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