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General Fitness 12.04.13


General Fitness 12.04.13

So we have decided to have Snatch clinic this Saturday from 12 to 2 the cost for this will be $20 for members and $30 for non members. We will be breaking down the different positions of the snatch and going into details of a very technical movement. Everyone will benefit from this no matter if you are following our General Fitness program or our Competitive Fitness program.  This will be first come first serve ,please e-mail to reserve your spot. Also please feel free to e-mail us with any other questions.

Also tomorrow will be the last day to sign up for our On Ramp program. Only a couple of spots left so please come in or contact us about getting registered for this.

Prep Work:
2 Rds of
5X Clean pulls from mid thigh
5X Hang power clean
5X Front squats

Olympic Lifting:
6 Sets of
Clean Grip DeadLift+Clean Pull+Power clean+Clean

*Make sure each lift has a good barbell path. All of the movements after the Dead lift will be touch-n-go.
Work up to a max on the complex for today.

10 Stationary lunges
20 Double unders
15 Pull ups

ACC work:
5X3 DB KB Strict press (Heavy)
Pull Up challenge-chin up grip

Cool Down:
3X2 R/L Turkish get up


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5 Responses

  1. Cory Van Tress

    Worked up to 185 on the lifting part of the class. Getting better at catching the weight lower. Was more of a front squat than full clean. Wod was 2+lunges + single unders + 10 pull ups. Did 60 singles each round, need to practice double unders. Accessory work 53×5, than 4 rounds of 62×3. Good class

  2. BG

    Great 5am wake up!
    Prep Work : first 2 Rds 95, 2nd @ 115, last 2 @ 135. Back is feeling much better. Coach Jose have me some good tips.
    WOD: 3 rounds + 13 reps. Jumping Lunges
    Double unders & pull ups.
    44kb strict press.

  3. Andrew

    Got up to 145 on the lifting, I really am starting to enjoy cleans and power cleans. Wod was 2 rounds plus lunges, singles, and 8 pull ups.

  4. Irina

    2 rds+ 10 lunges+60 single unders+10 pull ups. 2 Red bands for assist for pull ups. Loved the cleans. I need some serious work on my technique but I love the instruction.

  5. Matt H

    Liftingk : first 3 Rds 115, last 3 rounds at 135. could have done heavier weight, but still learning technique.
    WOD: Jumping lunges. Need practice at double unders – switched to singles at first round. Weak at pullups: 1 round 10, 2 round 8, 3 round 4.
    Went light on KB presses and just learned Turkish sit up.
    Great class

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