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General Fitness 12.09.13


General Fitness 12.09.13

Prep Work:
2 Rds
50 Ft Duck walk
:30 Table top stretch R/L


15 Min to establish a 8 RM on Back squat

Level 1
Jump Stars-Test of character, Jump as high as possible. No sound
Wall balls

Level 2
Alternating Pistols
2-for-1Wall balls
Plyo Push-ups

Acc Work:
Pull Up Challenge

Cool down:

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4 Responses

  1. Andrew

    Went in to this WOD with a little tightness in my back from overdoing it on the deadlifts on Friday. I worked up to 185 on the 8 rep back squat. For the WOD I did level 1, but added the plyo pushups. Finished at 6:38. It felt extra cold this morning.

  2. Cory Van Tress

    Had to do the Nooner today. Did 135×8, 185×8, 215×8, 225×8, felt good. Wod was pretty tough after the squats. Did level one with first set plyo push-ups, then did regular after that. Time was 7ish? Good class. Thanks Brenden for mobility work!

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