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General Fitness 12.10.13


General Fitness 12.10.13

Prep Work:
Runners agility
2X through each 50′
-High Knees
-Butt kickers
-Elevated bounding
-Lateral Lunges

From Aug 27Th

Max calories in 5 min on the Rower

Rest 5 min

Max calories in 5 min on the AirDyne


ACC work
Elevated ring rows
*Choose a height for the rings that will challenge you from start to finish


Cool Down:


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  1. Dirk Bernd

    121cal rower 103cal on the bike… Rower was a 10 cal improvement air dyne down a bit but I used a different bike this time. Would like on shorter wod days like today to do some medium weight lift routine .

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