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General Fitness 12.10.14


General Fitness 12.10.14

  • **SCHEDULE UPDATE**This Thursday there will be NO 3:30pm open gym class.
  • Thursday, December 11th, we will be having our monthly girls night. Check in starts at 5:30 pm, workout starts at 6pm. Bring your Santa hat for group pictures. If you have been thinking about starting, or have a friend that wants to check it out, but just not comfortable, this is a perfect time to come/ bring them.
  • Saturday, December 20th, at 6:30 pm we will be having our 2nd annual Christmas Party. If you are a current member please feel free to join us and bring your significant other. For more information and to RSVP click here.


Prep Work
2X30 Table top stretch
2X30 Couch stretch
2X30 Soleus stretch
If you can make it into class a few min early to warm up please do.

Work up to a 3RM on Back squat-15 Min Time cap

Strength Option A
Starting at the smallest size Dumb bells Or KB’s and working your way up to the highest possible
3 reps clean and jerk DB or 3 Rep Long cycle KB
The goal is to get as heavy as possible if you get to a certain weight but cannot go to the next available size perform max reps without dropping weights.
For example 
I perform 3 reps on a long cycle (Clean and jerk w/KB’s) starting at 18’s, then move up to 26’s, and so on all the way to say 62’s and get my 3 reps. I try the 70’s but cannot perform 3 reps so i drop back down to the 62’s and do max reps. Same concept applies to DB’s

WOD Option A
“Marcos’s win”
4 Rds for time
10 Weighted walking lunges AHAP

WOD Option B
For time
100 Double unders
50 Walking lunges
75 Double unders
30 Walking lunges
50 Double unders
20 Walking lunges
****You can add weight for the lunges if you wish…No more then a total of 30/20lb total though…Move fast.

ACC Work

Hand stand practice. spend 15 Min working on different positions as listed. If you have control of a certain movement progress to a more challenging version
1.HS From box-Work on stacking your hips on top of your shoulders, Elbows, hands.
2.Wall Walk-Start in a push up position facing away from the wall, Push up and take a step up the wall while walking your hands closer and closer
3. Wall Handstand-Starting with your hands approximately 6-10″ Away from the wall work on kicking up to a neutral position upside down.
4. Nose to Wall HS-Similar to the wall walk except this one your goals is to get to where your nose and your toes are the only thing against the wall, Your hands for this should be no more then 6″ away from the wall.
5. Free standing HS- Exactly what we think….A lot of us can kick up into somewhat of a HS and Hold for a second or two but to properly hold in the inverted position you should be VERY Neutral. Feet together, neutral spine, hands flat, toes pointed.

A Good Goal For today would be able to hold each position for :30 Before moving on.

Cool Down
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19 Responses

  1. Russian Princess

    195 for 3RM
    Tried 205. Didn’t fail but didn’t really succeed either. Did three reps but didn’t go low enough on the last 2 reps.
    Spend the rest of the time spending time in the hole and getting out of the hole. 3×5 with 135#.

    WOD failed at 53s(or whatever the greens are). Did 4 unbroken with 44s then just mentally gave up.

    Marcos Win
    3 rnds cuz I ran out of time
    44s for lunges
    27s for strict presses

    Practiced my handstands 3x30sec nose to wall. Then tried without wall I think I got like 2 sec lol. Fun day.

  2. hannah ramos

    Did 130 for 3 reps on back squats. Did option B with singles and lunges and finished in 13:47. A few nose and toes to the wall handstands and hollow holds!

  3. Tiffany Carley

    3RM backsquat was 255. I was going for 265 which is my 1RM, but I ran out of time. I’m very proud of 255 today.
    I failed at the 53 kb for the clean and jerk. I got the clean, but couldn’t get my arms to lock out on the jerk.
    Did 6 clean and jerk reps with the 44 kbs I might have been able to do more, but my coach said I only had to do 6 🙂
    Marcos wins WOD:
    4 rds 10 lunges, 20 strict presses
    Used 53 kbs for lunges
    35 kbs for strict press
    Lunges weren’t too bad I think next time I’ll go a little heavier.
    Strict press took the longest. Broke up into sets of 5, 3 and 2.
    Time: 17:50
    I thought about going lighter to go faster but decided to stick with the heavier weights.
    I love the strength workouts.
    Worked on mobility for about 20mins

  4. Tiffany

    OK today I did 3 at 195lbs, I attempted 215lbs & got 2 reps I tried though, but I knew I couldn’t do the third. The WOD I got to the black one failed at the green kb. I need to work on my technique on these for sure!! The lunges I did 26lbs through all 4 sets, I made up 50 strict handstand pushups and 30 strict press with 25 lbs. That was a shoulder burner!!

  5. Vanessa Esquivel

    Back squat: 155# for 3, tried 160# twice and failed on the 3rd rep. I don’t know why but I’m sad I didn’t get 160. I will get it next time!

    Strength option A – failed on the green KBs, my left shoulder is not strong enough to put those OVH yet, but I got 9 reps with the 35s.

    WOD Option A – Marcos’ win
    4 Rds for time – 10 or 11:56, I can’t remember.
    10 Weighted walking lunges with green KBs
    20 seated strict press with 18# KBs

  6. Samm

    190# for 3, tried 195 but failed on my 3rd rep! Pretty excited tho, last time I tried for a ONE rep max I failed at 195. Woo!

    For strength I didn’t go past 26s. My left shoulder just can’t do more than that yet (tried with 30lb Dumbbells and it still failed) so I stuck with 26s and stopped at 13 reps because that’s when my shoulder started getting squirrelly!

    Wod: 9:14
    Used 44s for lunges
    And the 18s for strict presses
    Felt good! Fun little wod. Legs are gunna be sooooore tomorrow!

  7. jonathan.

    BS 410 for three.

    Worked with Brenden up to the 88s KB hit 5 reps unbroken after that.

    BODYATTACK calls in the morning so did walking lunges and worked on those stinking HSPU. Humbling.

  8. Marcos

    Worked up to 365lbs for 3 rep. Happy with that and on my way to hit 410 back squat:) I’d be happy with 405 but that’s coach B lifetime one rep and nobody has time for that:) 365 took all I had to get it.

    Did dumbell ladder got 75lb and failed the 90’s I should be able to do that don’t know what happened… Oh well.

    For the wod did

    4 rounds
    10 lunges at 88lb kb each side
    20 hspu

    Got 6:06
    Killed the hspu
    Went unbroken on lunges and first two rounds of hspu last two rounds broke 10/10

    Good day overall and the best part was watching everyone lift some heavy weight. Love it.

  9. Jeremy Sinnes

    Worked up to 315 back squat for 3 reps. I tried 335 pounds but only got 2.5 reps, that would have been a PR too. Next time for sure.

    I used 53 lb KB for the lunges and I did 40 out of the 80 HSPU’s stict. I was able to do the first 20 unbroken strict too. Time was 12:57

    Overall I’m very happy with how my body is responding to just getting back. I see some PRs in the next couple months and that excites me. I love the strength work and hope to see more of it

  10. Teressa

    135lb felt pretty good for my 3rm, tried 145 and failed on my third rep, I think I have done it at this weight before… but it is an exam week, which always drains my energy, so maybe another day!

    For strength, I did not make it past the yellow KBs. Kind of did a rep with the black Kbs but it was definitely not pretty. Did about 8 reps with the yellows, and then started laughing and that kind of through off my momentum….

    Walking lunges with yellow KBs, and then strict press with the pink KBs- these were WAY more tiring than I was expecting, but actually got easier at the end because my form got a little better I think- Gina told me to push straight up, I was going a little too far out- thanks Gina 🙂

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