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General Fitness 12.12.14

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  1. Russian Princess

    3 rnds+60
    I was skipping out on depth on squats and then Marcos yelled at me. In general I just need to work and focus on going through full range of motion on all movements.
    Happy Friday!!

  2. Trish

    2 full rounds and only 30 squats away from finishing the 3rd round! So close! Used the smaller black band for pullups and did pushups from my knees.
    Asked the girls and Marcos to hold me accountable and make sure I don’t use the black band anymore time to move down to green. 🙂 Happy Friday!! Great job everyone!

  3. Moonie

    2 full rounds & 25 sit ups completed.
    I used blue band for kip pull ups. – normally I use the green, but Marcos yelled at me last time. (Noticing a trend here)
    Knee push ups. One round I did 10 reg push ups
    I really like this one.

  4. Mandi

    Just barely finished three rounds. Used red band for kipping pull up and for push ups did 5-10 a round regular then did the rest from my knees.

  5. Vanessa Esquivel

    Loved this WOD – 20 Min AMRAP

    Made it through 3 full rounds, broke up the pull ups and push ups into 5s, then the push ups got tough so I broke them into 3s in the third round. Sit ups slowed me down a bit . . . And then JD and I did a 500 M row sprint, and he left me in dust, good stuff! Thanks for the push guys!!

  6. jonathan.

    Wellp. That’s done. Competed three rounds and 20- something pushups into the fourth. Everything was fine except the situps. Slow motion.

    500m row as a sprint in 1:28 … gassed.

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