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General Fitness 12.13.13


General Fitness 12.13.13


Prep Work

10 Partner assisted power swings
20 Walking high kicks
10 Banded pull aparts
3 Rds

15 Min EMOM

7 Heavy Russian Swings (Somebody has to break in that 106)
5 Pull ups Any style
6 Lunges (3 Each side)
Scale accordingly

2-3min rest

ACC work
2X3 Min max Kettlebell Snatches Unlimited hand switches. Setting the bell down terminates the set

Cool down

Mobility- Overhead position


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4 Responses

  1. dirk bernd

    emom was solid today, snatches 46rrps @33lbs the 60@44lbs. We ended up with a plank holds I joined in at 1min, 45sc, 30sc, 15sc. Nice work 5am’ers

  2. Cory Van Tress

    Used 106 KB on the Wod. It got pretty rough towards the end. Got all the pull-ups, some banded, some kipped, some strict. Also all the lunges. Used 35 on KB snatch, did 40. Second set went up to 44 only did twenty, pretty wiped out after it all

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