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General Fitness 12.15.14


General Fitness 12.15.14

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General Fitness Monday 12-15-14
Prep Work
3 Min Jump rope work
2X7 Lunge strict KB Press
2X 50′ Broad jump

work up to a heavy push press
15 Min Time cap

5 rds
Using Double KB’s
10 Cleans
10 front squats
10 Diggers
Rest 3 Min
Evaluate what weight you used and how fast you can move the weights, each rd should be a sprint

ACC Work
3X30 Hollow hold

Cool Down
Post results

14 Responses

  1. Jim

    Came in this morning with a low key game plan figured I would take it easy with my back. On the Push Press I worked up to 155# I was very tentative at this weight so I stopped there.
    For the WOD I did my 1st set with 35’s, then the rest I used 44’s for the Cleans and Diggers and 35’s for the Squats – just to keep from straining my back. Total time was 19:12, good Monday morn workout

  2. Irina

    135 for push press. Really surprised about this. I even cleaned 120 after a failed attempt and that’s more than I got on Saturday! Haha wierd day.
    35s for WOD. Finished in 17:14. Broke up the diggers on last two rounds.
    Then did HSPU practice. And did a 10 min EMOM of 3 cleans at 85#. Working on catching it in a deep squat instead of power.

  3. Tiffany Carley

    My 1RM push press was 145 which is a 15lb pr. I attempted 150 but couldn’t lock quite get that weight overhead.
    I used 35lb kb for the WOD. Those diggers are terrible!! I have know idea my time it took me forever.
    Acc work hollow holds done 🙂

  4. Mandi

    My 1 rep max push press today was 135#. I don’t think I’ve ever established a one rep max so today was a PR:) For the WOD 1st round I used blue KB for all three movements. 2nd round Marco had me use yellow kb for cleans and squats then blue for diggers. 3rd round used yellow KBs for all movements then for the last two rounds I used blue KBs for diggers…those darn diggers! Hollow holds for acc work

  5. Andre M

    1 rep max of 185 couldn’t lock out all the way at the top at 195. 53 lb kb for the WOD last round dropped to 40. Gotta love those hallow holds. Great work out and great way to kick Mondays butt!!!

  6. Vanessa Esquivel

    Strength – Push press 100# (10# PR)

    :50 w 26# KBs
    1:22 w 35# KBs

    The first few rounds felt a little easy so I moved up in weight and I died haha

    3x:30 hollows holds

  7. General Fitness Monday 12-15-14
    Prep Work
    tried 3 min staring like GOGO… Didn’t work:)

    good stuff.

    work up to a heavy push press
    15 Min Time cap

    Ended up with 255lbs….. 10b PR

    used 53lbs
    1st 52 sec
    2nd 45 sec
    3rd 46 sec
    4th 47 sec
    5th 45 sec

    total time 15;55

    ACC Work
    3X30 Hollow hold
    Did this with the 6:30 class… these suck so good

    Cool Down
    Post results

  8. Tiffany

    For the push press I was ablessed to do 150 lbs. This is a PR for me too. For the WOD I used 30 lbs db for all 5 rounds my arms didn’t want to function very well lol

  9. Teressa

    I love jump rope for warm up!

    I am terrible at push press, I always want to double dip! Especially when I start getting heavier, so took some weight off and just kept doing the motion over and over until it was more or less drilled in my brain.
    80 lbs was my max.

    For the WOD I used the blue KBs, was going to use the yellows but with the diggers I decided to go lighter- and I am so glad I did! I dreaded every round… Got the motion of the diggers a little better by the end though 🙂

    Finished in about 19 min.

    Hollow holds are getting easier!

  10. Irina

    Push Press was 135. Really surprised myself on this. Happy about it. WOD used 35s, 17:14. I hate those diggers. Broke up only the last 2 rounds of diggers. Acc work: hollow holds-done. HSPU practice 4×5. 10 min EMOM of 3 full cleans with 85#, practicing catching it on a squat to reprogram my brain to not power clean it.

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