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General Fitness 12.16.13


General Fitness 12.16.13


Question From B-
How have you been progressing on your goals established in Aug, 2013. 3,6,12 months out? Any of them checked off? new goals developed?

Prep Work:

2 rds
10 Air squats
10 High kicks
1:00 Hollow rock

18 Min AMRAP
12 Back squats 135/95 (From ground)
12 V-Ups
12 Bar facing burpee’s

Cool Down:
1K row Easy pace

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11 Responses

  1. D.sizzle Bizzle

    5 rounds +12 squats @135
    I like these amraps with the longer time caps…. Bring them on… Also the 1k row @ 3:57 at level 10( thanks Ted).

  2. Amber

    Burpees F-ing Suck! That being said, this was my favorite and toughest WOD since I started. I lost count after two rounds, so I’ll guess I completed 5 1/2. Squats@65lbs.

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