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General Fitness 12.17.13


General Fitness 12.17.13

Congrats Sandra on your first muscle up, all I heard was a big  yell from the other side of the gym. Proud of you!!

Prep Work

 10 Drinking Birds
10 Leg pumps
10Lateral Lunges
3 Rds

1k Row
Then 100 American Swings
For time

ACC work:
5X8 Ring Rows

Cool Down:
3 Rds
5 Scorpion Stretches
3 Inchworms

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8 Responses

  1. Cory Van Tress

    Row was 3:27.3, total time was 10:21 with 62#kb. It took it all out of me. Still a little trembling a bit, lol. Ring rows done. Stretching done. Good Tuesday noon class.

  2. Christina Coleman

    Great way to kick start my week! My 1k row, I finished in 4:41. And my 100 American Swings I completed in 17:21:/ first time doing that:( The weight was the kettle bell with the “yellow tape,” lol. I’m loving every challenge, so thank you!

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