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General Fitness 12.17.14


General Fitness 12.17.14

  • Saturday, December 20th, at 6:30 pm we will be having our 2nd annual Christmas Party. If you are a current member please feel free to join us and bring your significant other. For more information and to RSVP click here.
  • Saturday, January 10th, we will be having our 2nd annual in house Winter Throw Down. (for cfr members only). Get signed up at the gym. You wont want to miss this. If you don’t want to compete but can help judge please e-mail

Prep work
3X10 walking high kicks
3X 10 banded pull aparts
500m row or 2 min on the air dyne

5X3 pendlay row
Find a moderate weight and stick to it for all 5 sets

Death by dumb bell snatch+ 15 double unders

Starting with a heavy weight perform 1 dumb bell snatch on each side (Right+left) then perform 15 double unders or 30 singles

Cool down
Post results


15 Responses

  1. Jim

    I was glad to see DU’s in the WOD today. Worked up to 135# for the Pendlay Row.
    For the WOD I used a 35# KB and did all DU’s. Got thru the KB’s on round 8, and had 20 secs left to get my DU’s but I had a problem getting my rythem and wigged out and time expired.

  2. Trish

    Pendlay rows- first 3 sets used 55lbs last 2 sets used 75lbs.
    WOD- Used 25lb dumbbell and did singles.
    Got through round 9 of snatches and 10 single jumps.
    Did some beat swings and worked on some kipping pullups and attempted to work on strict pullups.
    Gonna be sore! 🙂

  3. Moonie

    65 for Rows – I’m such an over achiever that I did 4 sets of 5 (I don’t listen) then did one set of 3
    WOD: 10 rnds 25lb DB – I goofed that up to. For some reason early on, I was doing more snatches then I was supposed to. (Again, I don’t listen)
    Single unders

  4. Tiffany Carley

    Pendlay Rows- 115 lbs for all 5 sets. Felt fine not too heavy, stuck with that cause we were suppose to find a moderate weight.
    WOD: Made it through 7 rds with #45 db and 30 single unders. Felt like a wimp not being able to do more, but my left arm was’t wanting to work and my left hip was tight. Guess I was falling apart today. Did a 500m row and some foam rolling to loosen things up.

  5. Vanessa Esquivel

    Strength – 5X3 pendlay row @ 75#

    WOD – Death by DB snatch+ 15 DU
    I think I finished 8 rounds + 9 DB snatches and a few DUs.

  6. Mandi

    Pendlay row- 5×3 @85lbs
    WOD- used 25# DB, 30# for last round. Got through snatches on round 12 and only got a few seconds of jump roping in before time ran out. Maybe should have used 30’s the whole time.

  7. Tiffany

    I did 5×3 @ 105 lbs. Pendlay Row the wod I did singles and used 30 lbs db I got up to 11 rounds, the db snatches are still a weakness of mine but I’m working on it.

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