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General Fitness 12.18.13


General Fitness 12.18.13

Prep Work
3 Rds of
10 Stiff legged dead lifts
10 High hang muscle cleans
10 Front squats


6 sets of
Halting Clean-Grip Deadlift + Hang Clean(any position) + Clean
Rest 2-3 minutes between sets

Using same size kb the whole time perform the following

5 Rds of
8 Double KB bent over row
rest 60-90 seconds
8 Double KB strict press
rest 60-90 seconds
Perform 1:00 Hollow hold
rest 60-90 seconds

Cool down

6 Responses

  1. BG

    5am Rollin N2Deep!
    Stayed at 115 for Oly lifts.
    And used 35 KB for WOD:
    Feeling better. My back wasn’t that sore today.
    Oh… And my BFF Clint is back 🙂
    So we did 60 pull ups to just catch up on while :):)

  2. Cory Van Tress

    Clean-up 75, 95, 145, 165, 185, 185 failed on dropping into the the full clean. Wow got through 6 sets at 53#, ran out of time and had to get back to work. Nothing felt great, will continue to work on mobility and technique

  3. Gv

    Oly: 55# 1st rd then 65#. I need to work on keeping my knees from buckling
    Wod: 18#kb, held 1st hollow rock hold without bending my knees.

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