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General Fitness 12.20.13


General Fitness 12.20.13

Prep work:

10 jump stars
5 pull ups


5 rds of
10 sandbag thrusters (or KB thrusters)
10 c2b pull ups
30 double unders
Rest 60 seconds in between rds

1×5 min long cycle set (single bell) unlimited hand switches, setting
The bell down terminates the set

Cool down:


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7 Responses

  1. BG

    Great class this 5am!
    WODS 5 Rds I used the 50lbs sandbags ( I think that they way more )
    C2B got real. And double unders still need help.
    Used 35kb for long cycle, but didn’t finish cause my back was getting tight.
    Feel better. Thanks Coachs for helping me watch my injuries!

  2. I think my time was 14:21. The C2B was banded (like that should be a surprise) and I did 90 single unders. Got 55 long cycles using the pink kettlebell. I’m working on not bruising the back of my wrist whenever I do KB cleans, but so far it isn’t happening.

    1. Also, I will have Fat Bottomed Girls stuck in my head for the rest of the day thanks to a sudden Queen outbreak during the long cycles. Fortunately, I freaking love Queen 🙂

  3. Cory Van Tress

    Used the 50 lb ish bag. Used green band for C2B and a kip. Strung a few double unders to go here and there. Took 18+ minutes and a low of sweat. Good work out but it kicked my butt

  4. Susan Van Tress

    Need a lot of work on pull ups.. I have no sort of kip but I will never say never! Some workouts really really expose my weaknesses and this was one of them, going to focus time on my Thursday workouts on pull ups and double unders! 13:54 w 25lb sandbag and 90 singles

  5. Irina

    Used 25lb sandbag, did 90 Single unders 12:40 time.
    pulls ups lack some serious strength. Thrusters weren’t too bad. But the whole work out was good!

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