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General Fitness 12.27.14

2 Responses

  1. Jim

    Fun workout programming today! Teamed up with Andy, for the Front Squats we both did 195# by 3 reps. For me this was a new PR happy about that. For the WOD part we Dead Lifted 225# and did 30″ Box Jumps, took us 4:26. Then did some Pull-ups after the WOD.

  2. Jeremy Sinnes

    I teamed up with Tory. It was a great workout today too!
    I personally hit a 3 rep Front Squat PR of 295 lbs.

    For the WOD we used 225 lbs for the dead lifts. I did the majority of the lifting and Tory did the majority of the box jumps. We finished in 3:30

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