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General Fitness 12.29.14


General Fitness 12.29.14

50′ Broad jump
2X7 lunge strict press
2X10 Pass throughs

Level One
6 Min EMOM
2 Push press @ 80-85%

4 Min EMOM
2 Push press @ 85-90

Level Two
Same time and rep scheme as LVL 1, except you will add a pause at each dip for 2 full seconds then drive straight into the press.

5 min max
KB Snatch 53/35
5 min max
KB Long cycle 53/35 (Single bell)
****A Goal would be to go unbroken 😉

ACC Work
3X:45 Hollow rock

Cool Down
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12 Responses

  1. BG

    Not a bad way to start off a Monday.

    Prep work was good.
    Was good to loosen up the shoulders.

    WOD Push Press. 1st 6 Minutes at 80% 155
    Last 4 minutes 160lbs

    KB Snatch EMOM: Used 44KB. Tired to focus on form and movement. Wasn’t worrried about speed. 61 total reps.

    Long Cycle: dropped down to 35 KB. Again proper form and movement was my goal. Total Reps 57.

    OT: 3X7 DB Bench Press
    3X15 Sit Ups

  2. Jim

    Strength: 1st 6 Min 135#, final 4 Min 145#
    KB Snatch used 35#, mainly to work on speed got thru 118 reps.
    Long Cycle used 35# also got thru 71 reps.
    For both movements I alternated 5 reps for each arm before switching. I was able to go non stop for both schemes.

  3. Jeremy Sinnes

    Push Press
    80% at 155 pounds
    90% at 165 pounds
    This felt pretty good and my form was much better

    First 5 min I used 44 lb KB for the snatch and did 100 reps

    Second 5 min I used 44 lb KB for the long cycle and got 57 reps

    I did the whole workout unbroken 🙂

  4. Vanessa Esquivel

    Level Two – 6 Min EMOM
    2 Push press @ 80% – 80#
    Level One – 4 Min EMOM
    2 Push press @ 90% – 90#

    5 min max KB Snatch w/ 26s – 76
    5 min max KB Long cycle w/ 26s – 82

    I tried to pace myself so I did 3 reps on each arm and switched throughout. I was being too modest because I felt like I had a lot of gas left in the tank at the end so I probably should have moved faster.

  5. Russian Princess

    80% @ 105#
    85% @ 115# need to work on form.

    Shoulders were dead from a 4-part shoulder burner this morning up in Bellingham so I used 27s.
    89 reps for snatches
    106 for long cycles
    All that talk about grip really helped. Did not go unbroken. Hands needed chalk a few times.

    I have missed you all! Good to be back.

  6. Will Bradford

    Now that I’m done being sick without coughing up my lungs!

    Did level 1:
    Warmed up to 135 which is like 65% of my 1 rep cause last time I 1 repped I injured my shoulder and so I was comfortable with this even if it felt light but I found the right position for my hands on the bar which helped a lot did first 3 rounds at 135 then jumped to 155 and for the final 4 rounds went up to 175 which was a struggle but the important part was IT DIDNT HIRT MY SHOULDER.

    For the WOD I used the 44lb kb and did 75 kb snatches and for the long cycles only did 35 my shoulders got super super tired

  7. Tiffany Carley

    EMOM push press
    6min @ 80% #115
    4min @ 85% #125

    Kb snatches used 26s. Haven’t done those in awhile. Used 35 kb for a few. I got 112 snatches.
    Long cycle used 35 kb for the first 40 or so and then the arms just wouldn’t move, so switched to 26s for the rest. I think I got 74ish.

    3x45sec hollow holds

    Good day. Feeling very tired after that.

  8. Mandi

    EMOM push press . Did level two. 6min @80% 105#. 4min @85% 115#
    WOD used 26# kbs. 80 on long cycle and 76 on snatches.
    3×45 on hollow rock
    Best part of the work out…getting to play with Theo the Frenchie. Cutest dog ever!

  9. Tiffany

    6 minute emom I did 120lbs, 4 minute emom, I did 125lbs. Level 1 on those. The sbatches I used 35 lbs got through 57, the long cycles I got through 43. Thanks Marcos and Brenden for the extra advice these are a weakness but I feel like I am slowly getting better at them after awhile!

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