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General Fitness 12.30.13


General Fitness 12.30.13

Take 15 Min To work on a Heavy Overhead Squat

SandBag Clean and jerk, or DB KB long cycle 53/35
Pull Ups

ACC work
3 Rds of
30 on 30 off Hollow rocks

Cool Down
1k Row


3 Responses

  1. WOW. This WOD hurt. I don’t know my time, I couldn’t see the clock because I didn’t wear my contacts. Overhead squat is a new one for me… very hard on my wrists and shoulders. Worked up to 95lbs. Had to drop after a set of 5 and tweaked my shoulder a bit. Will need to work on technique before I go heavy.

  2. Irina

    Overhead squat is a new one for me. I stayed low to work on technique 35# bar only. 5min+something for the WOD.
    Those sandbags are killer.

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