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General Fitness 4.20.15


General Fitness 4.20.15

Prep work
Same as comp

Tempo back squat
5X3+1 @ 70-80% the first 3 squats will be done at 3211 the last additional squat is not on tempo

6 min EMOM
10 weighted walking lunges AHAP
REST 2 min

5 min EMOM
6-12 burpees
Should have at the minimum 15 seconds rest
REST 2 min

4 min EMOM
6-12 stiff legged KB dead lifts AHAP

Cool down
Post results

6 Responses

  1. Andrea

    Preggo lady wod:
    1k run
    30 dumbbell press (25#)
    1k row
    I had a running clock but my phone decided to pause it after the run for unknown reasons. And I discovered this when I went to row. So I can tell you the run+row was 15:13 and the presses lived in the nebulous non-time in there…

  2. Kristopher Bailey

    Strength: Using 185# I was able to complete the strength portion. Pausing or slow decline was different for me but manageable. WOD: Using green KB I did 10 lunges in :45 , burpees I did 10 in :45, KB dead lifts I used 70#, I completed 12 reps in :45. Then hit the roller for upper back and shoulders.

  3. Teressa

    Tempo squats at 105lbs, not sure why we didn’t add more weight!! but still could feel it by the 5th round.

    Yellow KB for lunges, did 10 every round (apparently I have been doing backward lunges so had to learn how to do these correctly!)
    12 burpees for 4 rounds
    Red KB (70lbs?) for deadlifts

  4. Serena

    Tempo squat @135#
    Yellow KB for 10 lunges
    12 burpees for 4 rounds
    Red KB for SLDL

    My back is still feeling a little sensitive after those jerks on friday, i knew my form was bad

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