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General Fitness Friday 6-19-15


General Fitness Friday 6-19-15

Prep Work
400M Jog
50′ Inch worm pushup
2X50′ High knees
2X50′ Butt kickers
2X50′ Carioca

Run 200M @70%
Run 100M @95%
Walk 100M-Recovery

Starting from the ground
Every 2 min for 12 min (6 sets)
3 front squats-This weight should be something you hit last week but not your heaviest set from last week

If you posted results last week check back to see what numbers you hit


As far as you can in 7 min
3 American Swings 53/35
3 Burpees over the bell
6 American swings
6 burpees over the bell

Cool Down
Post results

10 Responses

  1. BG

    Good way to end the week!
    The running part was fun.
    5am crew kept a good pace. ( way faster then the 6am crew lol )
    Front Squats:
    Still can’t bend my wrist back, So had to do old school front squats.
    7:00 Minute WOD:

    Got through 15 KB Swings and 12 burpees over Bell.

    Tried to keep up with Dirk….

  2. Dirk b

    I loved this work out, more please this style or mix!
    Love the run portion, good mix, although I had a bit of a bum wheel.
    235 fs- FYI jesse is a front squat machine!
    18 burpee-12 am swings(close enigh I finished the 18)
    Nice crew, nice, wod, nice morn at 5am. Oh and nice beats!

  3. Russian Princess

    Fun fun fun wod. Got to lift with pretty much all my favorite people this morning.
    Run was stupid….but I also kinda liked it. Tried to keep up with El Barbudo the whole time.

    Front squats build up to 120 and that was heavy enough.
    Swings with burpees, got through 11 burpees on rnd 11 with 35# KB. Have a good weekend everyone.

  4. Hannah

    Enjoyed today’s variety! Liked the sprints!!
    Worked up to 115 lbs with Karly on front squats.
    Finished round of 15 with 35 lb kettle bell.

  5. Will

    Had to get a little therapy in tonight or I was gonna burst at the seams!!

    A. Running should have gone better but my legs were/are tired.
    Last 2 sets I just felt like sludge moving!

    B. Front squats were heavier then they should’ve been but I did 225 for 5 sets skipped the last one cause middle of my back between my shoulder blades was tight and tired.

    C. AFAYC in 7 min got thru the set of 15 + 3 swings. Went light with the KB for my back. Did full swings was told I could sub Russian Swings but wanted the range of motion for my shoulders felt good. Burpees well there’s nothing good to say about them!!

  6. Vanessa Esquivel

    A. 5 Sets
    Run 200M @70%
    Run 100M @95%
    Walk 100M-Recovery
    14ish minutes

    B. Starting from the ground
    Every 2 min for 12 min (6 sets)
    3 front squats
    105, 105, 105, 115, 115, 115

    C. As far as you can in 7 min
    Through 18 American swings + 16 burpees over the bell

  7. Samm

    Runs were hottttttt

    115 FS for 6 sets

    5 swings on my 18th round

    Cool down plus 5 rounds of 5 strict pull ups with the smaller green band

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