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General Fitness Saturday 6-13-15


General Fitness Saturday 6-13-15

Prep Work
Team stretch

400M Farmers Carry 53/35
Max strict pull ups
200M Farmers Carry 70/53
Max Strict pull ups
60M Farmers Carry AHAP
Max strict pull up

500M Row
Rest 2 min
400M Row
Rest 2 min
300M Row
Rest 2 min
200M Row
Rest 2 min
100M Row

The Goal for B, Is to drop your 500M pace each set.
For example- 500M Done with a pace of 2:00
400M Done with a pace of 1:55
300M Done with apace of 1:50
200M Done with a pace of 1:45
100M Done with a pace of 1:40

Cool Down
Post results

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