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General Fitness Wednesday 6-17-15


General Fitness Wednesday 6-17-15

Prep Work
3 Rds
3 Clean grip DL
3 Muscle clean
3 Front squat

Every 2 min for 16 min (8 Sets)
3 Hang Power clean
Build up each set but keep your technique the number 1 goal

As far as you can in 4 min
1 Pull up
1 Toes to bar
2 Pull ups
2 Toes to bar
etc…(The goal is not to destroy your grip but gain a level of confidence with the kip and transition in the other movement, If an unassisted pull up is not happening modify the 4 min of work to 1 Kip+1 Knee Raise, 2 kip+2 knee raise etc)
rest until 6
5 rds for time
25 Double unders
6 Alternating Dumbbell snatch (weight should be moderate depending on the individual)

100 Russian swings for time 70/53

Cool Down
Post results

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  1. BG

    Note To Self: Dont play 18 holes of golf and drink beer in 90 degree weather and think that your going to kill a WOD at 5am…!

    Power Cleans I stayed light. ( wrist is still bothering me )
    135lbs for the 8 sets.

    4:00 minute WOD:
    4 Pulls Ups going onto my 8 round.
    5 Rounds For Time:
    55lbs Dumbell
    25 Double Unders
    Time 6:04. Round 4-6 DU’s were catching up to me.
    100 Russian Swings.
    53KB. Stayed light to save my back.
    Good Stuff 5am….!!!

  2. Russian Princess

    This one destroyed me.
    Built up to 120# for the last set of cleans. Felt real good. Still need to learn to stay on heels and decrease that forward hop.

    Went unbroken for the pull up+t2b only till 2. And up to 6 with breaks inbetween the pull ups and t2b. This was humbling and I hated it.

    5 rnds 75SU, DB snatch with 20#- 4ish min

    2:30 on the dot for the swings with 53#.

    Love love love my 6 am crew.

  3. Sarah H

    Hang cleans worked up to 100lbs. Felt good- 55,65,75,90,95,95,100,100- last one at 100- end with a full- due to close hanging myself!
    Made it to start of six/ completed five rounds- all broke up.
    Jump rope kills my feel- so bad- so bad- did all singles 75 and used 25lbs. DB- maybe six mins.
    Did the American swings- no time-
    It was cool to workout at 6:00 AM !!!

  4. T$

    Oly- stayed light. 85 for first 2 sets then 95 for the rest. Focused on technique and not pulling to early. High hang and somehow smashed my thumb on the 5 round ??? But kept going. I need to get my elbows through faster. Thanks for the tips coach B.
    Wod- modify and used ring pulls instead of pull-ups to give my chest a little break. And t2b. Made it to 5+8.
    DU & DB snatch. Used 35# total time 5:25. The DU was my rest time snatches took my breath away.
    Finished with 100 Russian swings 53kb 50, 25, 25 grip was gone by the last set and it was all mental hang on for dear life 🙂

  5. Hannah

    Worked up to 95 lbs for hang cleans and stayed there for like 5 sets.
    Pull-ups and toes to bar…ended up with 5 and 5. Took a break between the sets toward the end. Hands were close to being torn again 🙁 Was successfully able to not double-kip, now just need to string them together more efficiently. Singles and snatches with 30 lbs in 5:18. Russian swings with 53 lbs…broke them up into 5 sets. Hands were done!

  6. Jim

    Started at 95# for the Cleans and worked up to 155#, 155 was a lil tough and my form was horrible.
    For Pull-ups / T2B got thru 7 Pull-ups, this was much tougher than what it looked like on the board.
    DU’s and DB Snatch used 45# Round 1 of Du’s I kept hitting my foot it slowed me down a bit, rounds 2-5 were all unbroken, finished right around 4 mins.
    Russian Swings did those with our very own Russian Gangsta, used 70#KB not sure if time though, I couldn’t keep up with Irina. Thanks for the push Irina

  7. Vanessa Esquivel

    Every 2 min for 16 min (8 Sets)
    3 Hang Power clean
    55, 65, 85, 85, 95, 95, 105, 105

    As far as you can in 4 min
    Just worked on stringing them together. This is tough.

    5 rds for time
    25 Double unders
    6 Alternating Dumbbell snatch 25#

    100 Russian swings 53# – 3:30

  8. Tiffany Carley

    Worked up to #125 on the last two sets. Really hard to string all 3 hang cleans together on the last set.

    Managed to make it through the 3 pull ups and 3 t2b before my hands tore. 🙁

    Used #45 db for snatches
    Double unders for rds 1 & 2. 75 singles for rds 3,4,5.
    Time 6:30

    100 Russian swings for time with #53
    Broke up into 30, 30, 25, 15
    Time 3:25
    Felt really tired today. Nutrition was a little off yesterday, didn’t eat enough and I was feeling the effects, espically after those heavy cleans.

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