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General/Competitive 04.23.14


General/Competitive 04.23.14

Prep Work
100′ High Knees
100′ Butt Kickers
100′ Bounding
100′ Walking lunges
100′ Carioca

5 Min max calorie row

rest 2 Min

5 Wall balls 10′/9′
5 Burpees

Rest 2 Min

Every 5 min for 15 min (3rds)
600M Run

Anybody ever hear of “pose running”? Look into it and tell me what you think.

ACC Work
HS Extended wall plank

Cool Down
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31 Responses

  1. Andrew

    I enjoyed today’s WOD, but my lungs did not. 90 cal on 5 min row. Used 20lb ball for wall balls, finished each of the 5 rounds between 25 and 30 secs. I improved my time on each of the 3 600m runs. 2:49, 2:45, and 2:42.

  2. Irina

    71 on 5 min row. Best rowing session I’ve ever had I think.
    EMOM 1 14lb ball. Love those burpees!
    EMOM 2 did airdyne 3 min on 1 min off. With a grand total of 115 cals on that devil. I do what I want.
    Those wall HS planks were hard!

  3. BG

    Gotta luv the pre work.
    Always gets you going.
    5 min Row: 79 Cal
    5 EMOM 20lb MB
    3 Rds 600 Meter Run….
    Oh Boy.! Good stuff.
    Just an FYI….. JD and I were running at the same time and guess what….?? I beat him! That’s right. I was done running before he was.

    BOOM…! How what JD 🙂 lol
    Okay… That’s not all true.
    OT: Wall Plank Holds were great.!! Good idea.

  4. Jonathan Douglas

    Good start to the Wednesday.

    Actually didn’t feel all that amped and loose through the preworkout, wondering how knee would’ve held up.

    First bit on the row, 111 Calories in the 5 minutes, good to have Ivan in the peripherals, to realize I have quite an inefficient row.

    Wall Ball/Burpee – 20 pound ball, was getting done around 22 to 25s, I think on round three got done at 16, not sure what went on there.

    600- 400+200, 400+200, 200 x 3- got all of them in about 2:27 – 2:34 there abouts.

    Running and I have not been friends for about a year, a bunch of little niggles, felt good to have run at a good clip twice int he week and feeling no pain!

    Happy Wednesday friends.

  5. Jim

    Good cardio day today!
    I rowed 87 Cals.
    On the run I did it in 3:08, 2:57, & 2:43.
    The wall planks were rather interesting.
    Irina I’m judging you…. You beast!

  6. jramos1808

    Great Wod!!! got 79 cal on the rower
    Burpees and Wallballs felt good finished each round under 20sec
    runing was good I was trying to catch Andrew the whole time

    1- 3:00
    2. 2:57
    3. 2:46

  7. Tasha M

    I wrote my numbers down and forgot them, these should be close.
    Row: 61 calories
    Wall Ball used 16lb ball
    600m: 3:30, 3:15, 2:50
    Extended wall plank was hard, whole body was shaking, but I want to do it again. Good Morning!

  8. Red

    Good wod today! Need the conditioning for sure.
    96 cals on the row
    20lb wall ball
    Did the first three rounds of burpees over the ball, then just fell down to them. 😉
    Good runs
    2:55, 3:05, 2:46
    OT work was pretty cool! Did four rounds hs plank
    See you guys tomorrow!

  9. Marcos

    Gotta love conditioning days(sarcasm)

    Prep work was amazing(winded)

    5min cal 93 a lot better then last time. Goal is 100.

    5min EMOM

    Used 25lb ball and jumped over the ball 23-25 sec per round

    Sprints. Thanks tony for pushing me. And B for telling tony to push me:)

    2:40- 2:28- 2:24

    Acc work- fun 5 am class it was the shoes:)
    Got at 4×20 sec.

    Mobility finished 30 min squat test.

  10. Renate Thompson

    I really like today’s WOD (could it be the rowing??)
    73 cal on rower in 5 minutes
    Used 12 lb for wall ball- finished each round in about 30 -35 seconds.
    Did the rower again instead of running.
    Felt good today!

  11. Tina

    82 calories on the rower

    20lb wall ball tried to make it to 9ft …burpees jumped over the ball …30-35 seconds.

    Run 3:20, 3:06, 3:06…I thought I was gonna throw up on the last round. Thank you Whitney for pushing me 🙂

    Liked the accessory work…I don’t think there wasn’t a part on my body that wasn’t shaking.

  12. Eterna

    5 min row: 76cals

    5min emom: used 13# wall ball. Finished most rounds between 23-25 secs and the last round Marcos had me do burpees over the wall ball, finished that one in 30 secs.

    3 600m runs (booooooo running!!!!)

    I’m kinda bummed I forgot to do the ACC work. I need to learn how to do a free hand stand and felt like that would’ve helped. Not sure though… But it had the words “hand stand” in it so naturally I just assume… (O_o)

  13. Christy

    67 calories on the rower
    12 lb wall balls ~30seconds each time
    Had to use the bike today. This work out was awesome… almost made me puke, but it was fun. And the accessory work was crazy cool!

  14. Cash

    5 min row: 83 calories .. Kelly gave me her number I had to chase !!! Ugh 🙁
    Marcos made me switch to 16 lb wall ball and do burpees over the ball without hesitation… Love my coaches for pushing me !

    Splits on sprints: 2:30 2:31 2:35
    Good finish with plank on wall 🙂
    Tons of fun with our group tonight ! Feels good to be back wodding with everyone 🙂

  15. Did 73 cal on the row,got thru the emom. Had to scale the run. Really liked the wall plank.Stayed and watched some of the better rowers,Gina,Margo,Jude and others,and saw how bad my form is.I will keep working on it,that’s how you get better!!

  16. Amber

    5min max calorie row:72cal

    5min EMOM 5wallball 12lbs/5burpee

    600m Run:3:58, 4:00, 3:59

    Felt really good about my row, thought I’d get closer to 50.

  17. Ja

    5min row 74calories… Use the 20lb ball try to hit the 9ft target they felt pretty good. Did regular burpees lol was taking about 20sec last one took me 24sec. The run was horrible, I felt so heavy and my stomach was not feeling very happy.. But I think I did 3:16/3:14/3:03..

  18. Chela

    5 min squat hold b4 class

    66 cal on the 5 min row

    Used 14 lb wall ball for the 5 min EMOM was getting thru the WALLBALLS & burpees in about 30 sec.
    I was DREADING the running WOD! 3:45/3:56/3:58

    Loved the wall plank holds!

    Another 5 min squat hold at end of class

  19. Brynnen

    5 minute row: 89 cals
    Used 20#WB and tried for 10′ target from the 3rd round on. Got: :26, :23, :23, :23, and surprise surprise :23
    Running: felt like I was pushing but my times just don’t match what my brain/legs were telling me. 3:52, 3:48: 3:26

  20. Teressa

    5min row: 80 calories
    blue ball about 35 seconds each time, wasn’t really paying attention- this part was exhausting!
    3:10/3:12/3:11…. I guess I was pretty consistent on the running part, this was hard but felt really good!

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