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General/Competitive 06.28.14


General/Competitive 06.28.14

Time to celebrate that 1 Year anniversary at Crossfit Reformation, and how else would we do it??? Of course with a fun Team workout, BBQ, and a swap meet. Remember we will only have one class starting at 10am and the fun begins afterwards. Bring your own drinks and a side dish if you want we will provide the meat:). Don’t forget to bring any CrossFit gear that you don’t use anymore and you can trade it out for someone else’s. See you all there.

Prep Work
Team stretch

In teams of 5. Rotate stations after each sled push
20 Min Amrap

60M Sled Push w/50% Of the lightest persons Body weight
Double KB Rack hold
Plank hold
MTN Climber

Cool Down
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