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General/Competitive Fitness 03.15.14


General/Competitive Fitness 03.15.14

Our little Rema PR’s today by 20 lbs and hits 185  twice!! Good job Rema!! BTW this was after doing 10, reps at 95, 15 reps at 135, 20 reps, at 155.  (Click here)

Prep Work

Team Stretch

Team WOD
In teams of 2 complete the following
2-400M Run
2-200M Sandbag Sprint
150 Wall Balls

For this workout Athlete 1 will run 400M first, tag the partner then Athlete 2 will do the same. Then Athlete 1 will be carrying a LG or SM Sandbag Sprint 200M  Tag Athlete 2 will do the same. When athlete 2 returns from the sprint they will both work as fast as possible to finish 150 Wall balls 20lb/to 14lb 10′/8′ target.

Cool Down
General warm up

4 Responses

  1. Jim

    Good partner WOD today! Teamed up with Chris Haines completed the WOD @ 10:45.. Glad I came today wasn’t planning on it until A-Bomb enticed me.

  2. Cash

    Alisha was an amazing partner today :))) I think we finished in 16 min and after wodding 14.3 yesterday I was proud of us !! Wall balls were hard but felt good to squat and stretch our backs out !

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