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General/Competitive Fitness 03.22.14


General/Competitive Fitness 03.22.14

Prep Work
Team Stretch

TEAMs Of 2
20 Min AMRAP
10 Min Max Long cycle-single bell 53/35
10 Min Max Snatch-Single Bell 53/35

Move Quick and Alternate as you like, Team score is total reps.

2 Rds For time
Athlete 1 400M run
Athlete 2 400M run

Cool Down
Mobility Post results

Good Job on the open workout everybody…On the website it looks like only 5-6 Ppl worked out…Please post results.
Remember to support your fellow athletes, respect them during the workouts, post workouts, and save them the Franrap and tell them to post their results.

3 Responses

  1. Rodney Pinon

    Jim and I got through 150 long cycles and 109 snatches, would’ve been more but i tore my hand up pretty good. not sure how we did on the run good sat partner wod!

  2. Jim

    Worked out with the Rod Dog today. Used 53#KB for WOD, Round 1 did 150 reps, Round 2 did 109 reps with run total time was 27:17.
    Good post 14.4 Wod today.

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