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General/Competitive Fitness 03.29.14


General/Competitive Fitness 03.29.14

Prep Work
Team Stretch

Team WOD
2 Person Teams

Level One
Power Cleans

Level Two
Ring Dips-Bonus Point to do a muscle up then ring dips
Power Clean

ACC Work
Tabatta Wall Sit
8 Rds Of :20 On :10 Off (4Min Total)
Should be fun after yesterday

20 Banded Good Mornings

Cool Down

Post results

6 Responses

  1. sandra

    Team 8:50. 95lb clean me 55 partner. Split movements into reps of 5. Ring dips for me chair dips for partner sets of 5 until last 45 she did 10s I did 5.
    8sets tabata. Wall sits not as bad as I thought.
    Worked on muscle ups with my coach Ashley she helped me with form. I managed to do 13 singles and 2 strung together. Ran at home

  2. Will

    Didthe 14.5 today instead of the workout.. Wanted to finish in under 20 finished 19:34 did my first ring ups today! Happy about that

  3. Judith

    It sure was a quick workout.. Cassy was my partner we use 85lb. She did sets of 5 I did sets of 10. Did dips on the bench, she did most of them. Thank god lol I woke up supper sore from the few I did

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