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General/Competitive Fitness 04.09.14


General/Competitive Fitness 04.09.14

Prep Work
10 Turkish Get ups each side
2X10 Drinking birds
2X10 Leg pumps

7 Min EMOM For this complex Guys no more then 205/ladies155
2 Power Cleans
1 Clean

7 Min EMOM
5 C2B Pull ups
5 Air Squats

5 Dead Lifts no more then 295/205
5 Bar Facing burpees

Cool Down

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  1. BG

    I want to start out by saying that the 5am crew killed it this am! Good work everyone!

    Luv Me some leg pump, & drinking birds. Turkish get up was great to bring back.

    Another great programming coaches.
    EMOM is always a duzzy.
    Round 1
    155 lbs Power Cleans felt good. Squat was a little slow. ( my back has been feeling great)
    Round 2:
    C2B Pull Ups & Body Squat was a good mix up after the first WOD.
    Round 3:
    225 DL. And burpees of bar was pain full.
    Jumped over two legs at a time. Was slow on my last 2 minutes of round 3. Back not string enough to go fast on DL.
    Note: Finished every round under the minute mark.
    Overall awesome Mid Week WOD!

  2. Vanessa Esquivel

    Loved the energy from today’s 5 am crew!! The Turkish get ups were a struggle, I started with 18# KB but probably should have used a lesser weight to work on the form.

    I finished everything within the minute so that was a plus!
    55# Cleans and squat cleans
    100# Deadlifts
    For the C2B pull-ups I modified them to strict pull ups with the red band but switched to the green band after my first couple sets and I lost my form on the last couple sets of those, tough stuff!

    Finished with wall sits for 3 minutes of 20 sec on 20 sec off. That was a fun WOD, loved it! 🙂

  3. Irina

    Cool WOD. I like the rounds of EMOM.
    TGU #18 for the first 4 then 8# DB.
    Round 1 85# I need to work on those power cleans
    Round 2 Used red band on some rounds just to play around with form. Still no C2B, I’m getting frustrated.
    Round 3 175# for DL loved this one.
    Awesome mix up. And thank you for no running.

  4. Jim

    Good work out today!
    I still don’t get what Turkish Get Ups do for you other than demoralize you.

    Round 1, did 1st min at 155 then dropped weight to 135.

    Round 2, did C2B unbanded, super happy about that.

    Round 3, started with 255# for 1st min, then dropped to 235# for the rest. Glad there was only 5 minutes to this one. If more I’m sure a 911 call would have been made.

  5. Andrew

    I want to start by saying that I loved this WOD. Great programming guys. 135lbs on Power cleans and Clean. Used a band on the chest to bar. 225lbs on deadlifts. Great way to start out Burrito Wednesday.

  6. jramos1808

    Felt Bomb and Strong like Don Juan!!! That was a good wod!!
    185 for cleans Unbroken till my last 2rds
    C2B unbroken
    255 DL unbroken 2rds 3,2 3rds

  7. Samm

    Had a good time this morn, great energy and fun work out!

    Learning Turkish get ups was delightfully awkward, didn’t use a weight.

    First time doing cleans/power cleans, 55#, excited to work on technique and form for those.

    Assisted Pull ups with the green band, those smoked me towards the end.

    105# on DL, more than I’ve ever done before, felt good.

    Finish each of the rounds within the minute. Seriously a good time.

  8. Marcos

    Worked out at 11am Class with Angela aka (panda) and Andrea . Got over thrown and rocked out to Katie Perry.

    Prep Work
    10 Turkish Get ups each side
    2X10 Drinking birds
    2X10 Leg pumps

    Used the Pink KB for TGU

    7 Min EMOM For this complex
    2 Power Cleans
    1 Clean
    Used 205 was able to touch and go every round

    7 Min EMOM
    5 C2B Pull ups
    5 Air Squats
    Worked on butterfly on my c2b was able to go unbroken.

    5Min EMOM
    5 Dead Lifts
    5 Bar Facing burpees
    Used 295 for dead lift got every round in around 24-26 sec touch and go on the deadlift and sprinted the burpees
    Cool Down
    Did drinking birds and leg pumps

    Feel way better for now. Was in my confort zone today vs all that running:)… Not complaining because we need it:)

  9. Dave

    Great warm up w TGU’s and stretch.
    Feels so good to be able to squat again!!

    1-Cleans 135,155 then finished remaining w 165

    2- C2B’s and body weight squats went well.

    3-295 deads w burpees. That hurt!!
    A little heavy felt good!!

    Love the 5am!!

  10. Will

    Went 135 on the first set of clean power clean then finished with 155

    Pull ups were fun

    225 on dead lifts

    Normal time on all three was under 15 seconds a round.

  11. sandra

    7min emom
    2power clean 1 clean
    First 2 I did 105
    Then last 2 I did 115
    I stayed light for my knee happy I did.
    7min emom
    5chest to bar 5 air squats
    First 2 rounds performed butterfly chest to bar
    Then last 2 rounds I used a band because I was having a muscle spasm In my left bicepts

    5min emom
    5 dead lifts 5 bar facing burpees
    I did 205 for 2 rounds then dropped to 195 for last round it was hard to tell if my legs were tired or if my back was.
    Forgot to do bar over burpees for fisrt round oops. But performed them correctly for the rest.

  12. Amber

    7min EMOM
    2Power Cleans+1Clean@ 65lbs

    7min EMOM
    5Banded Strict PU
    5Air Squats

    5min EMOM
    5DL@ 135lbs
    5Bar-facing Burpees

    Felt a little too easy until the last round. I almost died, again…….

  13. Tasha M

    Been a week and a half since Ive been able to make it, so I was scared!
    1) Started at 65lbs, went to 75, probably should of done 85.
    2) Worked on Kipping (swinging back and fourth, but couldn’t get up). It feels awkward but I feel like it’s right there.
    3) This one killed me. 115lb deadlift. Hate burpees! :}

  14. Haines

    Day 3
    More so a technique day
    Spent a lot of time on these working on tech and speed. Power Clean from blocks (mid thigh) 45, 65, 95, 135, 155, 185. 5-10 reps each.
    Power Snatch from blocks(mid thigh) stayed light on these and worked tech and speed. 45, 65, 95. 5-10 reps each.

    Bent over Barbell row-5X5 65 95, 135, 145, 155

    10 Turkish Getups R+L at 70lbs

  15. Tiffany

    7 min EMOM cleans
    Used #105 for first 6 mins and #95 for last min. All unbroken.

    7 min EMOM c2b and squats
    Used green band and worked on my kipping.

    5 min EMOM DL and burpees
    DL#205 first rd and #195 the other 4. Did DL one at a time but managed to get them and burpees all in a min. I didn’t get any rest time. Just kept going and going.
    It was a fun day. Love deadlifts 🙂

  16. Matt Stiles

    Used 135# for cleans
    Did the C2B’s attempting to get better at kipping. Lil improvement at least
    Used 245# for Deadlifts
    Good workout today. I liked the mixture of many different things

  17. Chela

    Used 18lbs for the TGU
    1st EMOM
    Used 85lbs for the cleans
    2nd EMOM
    Used the green band for the C2B
    3rd EMOM
    USed 155lbs for deadlifts

  18. Eterna

    Did my cleans at 105lbs.
    Haven’t been able to get my C2Bs back but was able to do unbroken kipping pullups and squats. The Last emom got me. I started off with 155lb DL and finished that round but knew I couldn’t keep it up so I stripped off 25lbs and didn’t have time to put lesser plates on. This threw me off and for the rest of the emom I was only able to get in 3/4 bar facing burpees each time. This one was fun, Thanks guys.

  19. Tanya GL

    Prep Work
    10 Turkish Get ups each side 26 lbs
    2X10 Drinking birds
    2X10 Leg pumps

    7 Min EMOM For this complex Guys no more then 205/ladies155
    2 Power Cleans (Used 135. Going in thought I may have over estimated the weight I could do. Instead I
    probably should have used more. Was able to do 3 of the 5 sets unbroken. Getting
    stronger! :))
    1 Clean

    7 Min EMOM
    5 C2B Pull ups (Made it through all 5 sets. Using an alternating grip I don’t have to do a second kip, but the
    second part of the pullup was a strict pull up. Something is just off with the motion, don’t think
    it’s a strength issue.)
    5 Air Squats

    5Min EMOM
    5 Dead Lifts no more then 295/205 (Used 195. Again thought this may be too heavy after everything else.
    Did all 5 sets unbroken. Should have loaded the 205.)
    5 Bar Facing burpees

    Cool Down

  20. Brynnen

    Today I got to WOD with Gina again. The WOD was:
    3 rds (not for time):
    10 alt pistols
    40-60 DU
    10 KB swings at 16kg
    A: 3 Rnds for time:
    50 KB swings 16kg
    25 burpees to 4″plate
    Finished in 11:50
    Rest for 10 minutes
    B: 7 mins of:
    3 thrusters 65#
    3 T2B
    6 thrusters, 6 t2b…..
    Finished 5 rounds (15’s) +12
    Jogged 800m to cool down

  21. Ash

    Warm-Up & JP: Done


    Used 145# for first portion. Probably could’ve gone heavier because I did them all unbroken, butttt I had flats and I was in a world of pain from the day before 🙂

    C2B butterflies were kinda ugly, but they actually didn’t feel that bad, which is encouraging because they’ve been my kryptonite the past year or so.

    My hamstrings and calves were jacked so I stuck with 155# for deadlifts and it still felt pretty heavy!

    Glad to be back in the gym consistently!

  22. Lindsay Sinnes

    Awesome Day!

    Started with 85#, added for 105# the last 3 sets.

    Worked on my kip. Did pretty good. Movement felt good. Sore and tight today.

    135 DL first round, 155 the rest. Completed each round but had little to no rest. First set of burpees were not over the bar…

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