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General/Competitive Fitness 04.15.14


General/Competitive Fitness 04.15.14

Prep Work
400M Run
3Min 15sec on 15sec off Single skip jump rope
3X10 Partner assisted power swings 62/44

5 Min EMOM
15 Double Russian Swings 53/35

10Min EMOM
7 Toes to bar Or 2/1 Muscle ups
10 Double unders

30M Run
5 Wall Balls 12′ Target is an option

Cool Down
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  1. Bg

    Prep work was a cool 400 M run. Partner KB Swing. 35,35 & 44.
    Round 1: I used (2) 35lbs KB. Focused on form and not using my back.
    Round 2: I did T2B and jump rope. That felt like along one. T2B got difficult. Only did 4 rounds of DU, then had to switch to 30 jump ropes. T2B I did first 4 rounds unbroken then went either 3,4 or 4,3.
    Round 3: used 20lb MB, tired to hit the second black square every time. Did not do a full squat on some because on my back. Coach Jose was my spotter and have me a few tips.
    OT: mobility and 50 sit ups and 3 x 15 dips for show and tell 🙂
    Great EMOM!!!

  2. Trish

    Great workout! Really like the EMOMs! Pretty proud today went alittle heavier with everything which I normally don’t do. 🙂 Partner Assist KB- used the yellow. For the double KB swings used 2 blues. T2B were rough but got through and did single jump ropes. Still not able to do double unders. I don’t remember what the weight of the wallball was but I know it wasn’t the lightest one. I need to start remembering what the weights are instead of the colors.

  3. Jim

    Good workout scheme today, I really liked it!
    Used 53# KBs for the swings, I was a lil tired towards end of round 4.
    10 rounds of the T2B / DU’s wore me out, I read the WOD wrong thought it was 7 minutes, round 9 I didn’t get off the bar, I did touch toes on all of my reps, wasn’t pretty at the end though. Did 9 rounds of DU’s.
    For the last rep scheme did a 20# ball I would say I was closer to 11 feet though.

  4. Hannah Ramos

    Yesterday completed 50 burpees over box…the only score I’d seen posted in the morning was Berno’s 49 so my goal was to beat that 🙂 blue kettle bells for today’s double Russian swings, got maybe half the t2b, did singles, and used the orange wall ball 🙂 need to practice them double unders! Love the emom’s!

  5. Brad L.

    Round 1 – I did 53# double KB. They got a little tough towards the end of round 4.
    Round 2 – wore me out. T2B needs improvement. The first 4 rounds were broken but I got my toes to the bar. The last 6 rounds, I did pretty much knees 2 Elbows. I need to work on my double unders as well.
    Round 3 – 20# ball, I got the ball to about the 4th row of bricks in the black area.
    Overall a good workout this morning!

  6. Tasha M

    I have missed everyone working out together. Really like the 6am class, even though I don’t know many people! :}
    1) Russian Swings-35lb.
    2) Still don’t have toes to bar, but what I do still kills me. Did the 10 double under’s in each round, but broken.
    3) Used 16lb ball. Heavier than normal and “most” of it was higher than normal.
    Cant wait to get back to more than 1-2 days a week! It’s not enough.

  7. Tashina

    Enjoyed the prep and start with a short run. Used 44kb for warm up
    WOD :
    5 min emom
    Used 35 KB for workout. Felt good and strong. Finished each set consistently on time 23 sec.

    10 min emom
    Completed all 7 t2b. Each round but performed each of them as singles. Doubles unders have come a long way and easy. Barely completed db the last 3 rounds to start the next round :-(. Wish I could string 5 t2b together.

    5 min emom
    Run felt like a rest, I should have gone faster. Wall balls completed each set of 5 quickly.

  8. Tina

    35 kb for first EMOM…felt pretty good

    T2T – my forearms feel fatigued right now. Need to work on my rhythm again.

    Doubles were not to shabby

    Last EMOM I thought was 10 minutes and was thinking I’m gonna have to pace myself then Marcos said we had two left. Used 14 lb ball to 10ft target. Margaux was kicking my butt on the sprint 🙂

    1. Sarah H

      I wrote so much more than that what happened to my awesome post!- shit! Uses blue KB’s for Russian swings! Right elbow causing issues-
      T2B awesome- double unders got me! Some sets of 10 but most 5-8 range- used 16lbs wall ball-

  9. Prep Work
    400M Run
    3Min 15sec on 15sec off Single skip jump rope
    3X10 Partner assisted power swings 62/44

    Run felt harder then usual.
    use 62lbs for Power Swings

    5 Min EMOM
    15 Double Russian Swings

    Used 53, this got the forearms and broke the sweat.

    10Min EMOM
    7 Toes to bar Or 2/1 Muscle ups
    10 Double unders

    B, said to see how long i could hold 4, got 4,4,4,3,3,2,2,2,2,1(failed to get the 2nd one, gave it to attempts just burned out. Sucks. Wanted a lot more.

    5Min EMOM
    30M Run
    5 Wall Balls 12′ Target is an option

    this was fun, tried to sprint fast the last couple rounds. Used 25lb ball and was getting is as high as could

    Cool Down
    Mobility, Lats, and triceps were on fire, worked on shoulder mobility, played around with Overhead KB squats, that felt like the first time i tried an overhead squat.

    Good day overall after using the voodoo band for my triceps feel better for now.


  10. Clint Hays

    Fun workout today!!!
    400m run followed by 15 sec on/off of single unders. BG and I went 2×10 partner assisted power swings @35# and 1×10 @44#.
    5 min EMOM of double Russian swings @44#. Felt somewhat heavy and grip got taxed by the 5th round.
    10 min EMOM: went with 2 muscle ups and 10 DU’s. Felt fairly easy going through.
    5 min EMOM of 30m sprint and 5 wall balls. Went with a 20# ball but threw it to somehwere around 13ft. It all felt pretty manageable this morning. Nothing felt too difficult. Big fan of EMOMs!

  11. JA

    5emom used 35lb dkb for the Russian swings… Finished all 15 under the min.
    10emom t2b where ok for the first couple of rounds. The last three I did one at a time but finish every round.
    5emom used the 20lb ball try to hit the 10ft mark.. Then run felt horrible… But finish evey round under the min.
    Mobility I worked on my shoulders and legs.

  12. Sarah Painter

    Used blue KBs, couldn’t do toes to bar so I did knee tucks, did the double unders, and used a 14 lbs wall ball. Killer work out! I’ll be feeling it tomorrow during my 12 hour shift!

  13. Eterna

    Used 35# kbs for the first emom. Struggled on my TTBs for the second one, had to cut them down to 4 reps instead of 7. Was slow on the sprints but tried to make up for it on the wallballs. Used 14# ball and went for 10 ft target.

  14. DBG

    Like these types!
    Warm up was good, like to get a sweat going. Did double 52, challenging! Grip slowly went and was hard on back. Did the muscle ups pretty well, still can’t always string 10 du together. Used 25lb ball, liked really trying to explode the hips to get as high as possible.

  15. gogo

    5 Min EMOM
    15 Double Russian Swings (35#)

    10Min EMOM
    7 Toes to bar
    10 Double unders

    5Min EMOM
    30M Run
    5 Wall Balls (14#, 12′ target)

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