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General/Competitive Fitness 09.20.14


General/Competitive Fitness 09.20.14

Some cool things coming down the pipeline for us to better serve you.  We are implementing a fun functional fitness workout today to help you all track your progress in some of the basic movements and standards of CrossFit. Our goal with this is to give you some tools to measure gains and establish goals. We are excited to also have some “benchmarks” for you all  to strive to meet and hopefully everyone will see the value of their hard work and commitment to health and fitness.
We are going into the final 3 months of the year and for the first time since we have been open we are opening up our schedule to anyone that is interested for a FREE 30 min consultation with myself or Brenden before the end of this month. This will be a good time to discuss, goals, nutrition, or any other questions you may have
For our current athletes following the competitive program and/ or those who are interested in following the program we have established some requirements and expectations  to help you better understand the program and what its intended to accomplish: We are asking that if you are following this program you follow the below and set a meeting with myself or Brenden by the end of this month.
  1. Meet with the coaches to discuss goals, nutrition, etc
  2. Meet some minimum  standards.
  3. Commit to 3 months of programming.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you. (Click here) to contact us and schedule your consultation.


Prep work
Team stretch

Fundamental day

Max effort on each station rest as needed in between
1:30 for each
Level one
Air squats
Rope climbs
Double unders

Level two
Pull ups
Alternating pistols
Rope climbs
Double unders

Then for everybody find a fastest time for
400M run
500m row

Cool down
Post results

5 Responses

  1. Tina

    HSPU – 20 kipping
    Pullup – 37
    Alt pistol – 22
    Rope Climb – 3
    Doubles – 64…my doubles have been off lately …need to put them in my warmup

    Run- 1:45
    Row-2:08…I don’t think this is my personal best

  2. Hannah Ramos

    Partnered with Isidra on level 1:
    35 push-ups
    22 pull-ups with thin red band
    60 air squats
    4 rope climbs
    18 double unders and a bunch of singles

    1:52 for 400m run
    Didn’t get time for the row

  3. jramos1808

    Did Team stretch with my lovely wife then teamed up with Tina for the wod

    HSPU- 56
    Pull Ups – 52
    Pistols -39
    Rope Climbs – 4 (arms were done)
    DU -110

    400m run 1:27

  4. Tiffany

    Strict Hspu 20
    Pull ups Kipping 29
    Alt. Pistols 35
    Rope climb 1
    DU 30
    Run: 1:37
    I need to work on rope climbs, DU ( and everything haha )
    Row wasn’t able to do had to go to work last time I did it in 2:12.

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