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Making the Impossible ….Possible


Making the Impossible ….Possible

Making the Impossible ….Possible

One of our very own……have you seen this guy around campus?


Haha,  have you worked out next to him and just thought he was just another member challenging himself and giving everything he had to every workout he attacks?  I guess he is just another ordinary guy….that is if you call an ordinary guy someone who 3 years ago was given a diagnosis of MSA, Multiple Systems Atrophy, which if you take even a minute to do some research, it will shock you when you see Mark today !

     I met Mark back in 2013 when he came on as my Personal Training Client.  Mark was walking with a cane and struggled getting from his car in the parking lot to the front door. His world was not like most of ours, every day he just hoped to get up and make it to the shower with his balance so out of whack,  then hopefully to work part of a day.  But, the real difference between Mark and most of the population is his diagnosis just fueled him to prove his doctors and the research on his condition wrong. And he is doing it ! He works harder mentally and physically than anyone I have ever met! He sets goals like he plans out his meals, they mean something to him, they breathe life back into him. And the day I met him, He breathed life back into me!

   At first, it frightened me to push him in a workout but the more I read about his debilitating condition, yet could see him improving every day, the more I wanted to fight for him and with him ! 


    Today, Mark trains at Crossfit Reformation 5 days/wk and also supplements his workouts at home, which he refers to as “Bertelfit gym”, I love that! Even a year ago he could barely walk a mile, now he runs a 10 min mile and can row 60 minutes and reach almost 13000 meters. Not to mention, 3 years ago I had him relearning how to jump rope and jump on to a small plate, now he knocks out singles in the 100’s and can jump on to a 24″ box ! He continues to amaze me and his level of determination is beyond my imagination !

  There is so much more to Mark’s story and we will be highlighting it on our website soon because his mission should be all of our missions……no excuses!

Keep Up the hard work Mark.

-Gina Cacchiotti-Wellner

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  1. Mark

    It started with negative motivation wanting to prove the UW and Mayo Clinic neurologists wrong. However, now it’s all positive motivation by being around everybody at CrossFit Reformation. The coaches (Marcos, Brenden, Gina, JD and Jose) are absolutely the best! I can’t really explain why the turn-around has ocurred (I’ll post more details on that). I am thankful to Lisa, Gina, my family, friends and everyone I workout with every day at CFR!

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