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Monday 08.07.17


Monday 08.07.17

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Myth: “I’m Going to Get Bulky”

Chase Knight of CrossFit FIF in Kansas City, Missouri, said he’s had ample experience dealing with people—mostly women—who hesitate to start CrossFit for fear of gaining weight or getting too big or too bulky.

A coach’s instinct might be to reassure the prospect she won’t get bulky, but Knight takes a different approach. Instead of confronting the myth, he confronts the fear behind the myth. Sometimes he even tells prospects they actually might gain weight, he explained.

“I don’t promise them anything. I say something along the lines of ‘What I can say is your body is going to do what it’s going to do through natural growth in CrossFit. If your body has body fat it needs to lose, then it (probably) will. If you are a thin person because you were an avid runner, you (probably) will gain muscle.’”

Chase Knight (Courtesy of Chase Knight)

Knight also offers real-life examples of how weight gain can be welcome. This includes telling his own story: He was 160 lb. when he started CrossFit, and today he’s 190 lb.—yet his clothing is the same size and he’s leaner now.- CF Journal
Prep Work

3 min row on calories

2X50′ Broad jump

2X:30 Soleus stretch


Build Up to a heavy 5 rep on Back squat

12 min cap

7 Min Clock

60M/50F Wall ball shots

Max calorie row in remaining time

2X1 Min Each side

Table top

Couch stretch


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