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Monday 8.1.16


Monday 8.1.16

Prep Work500M Row

2X50′ Inch worm push up

2X3 Burpee High jump


Back squat


Rest :10 in between the 3.2 &2.1

Build up over the course of these 3 sets

15 min cap

12.4 & 13.3
12 Min AMRAP

150 Wall balls

90 Double-unders

30 Muscle-ups
*For some of you who don’t know there is a Crossfit Girls workout called “Karen” which is just 150 wall ball shots for time. If you have not done this workout make sure you check the clock on the completion of 150 Wall ball shots

3X:30 Goblet squat and hold-

Using a moderately heavy weight lower into the bottom of the squat with the elbows just inside the knees, resting on the medial side of the vastus medialis. Keeping the feet straight, use your elbows to drive your knees outward increasing the stretch on the adductors.
3X 1 min Banded pec stretch
Cool Down


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