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Saturday 5.12.18


Saturday 5.12.18

-Teams of 5

•1 in 5 will become homeless after age 18

-Team will Complete 1572 meter Ruck Run with your choice of weight (Trading off between teammates)

•There has been 1572 backpacks handed out to date since the start of Teytum’s Gifts

After all teams have completed run rest 5 minutes

No Team left behind


Separate into teams of 3

-23 minute AMRAP of 9 Movements

•23.9 months a child in foster care spends in the system

-23 Pull-ups

•23% will become teen parent(2.5 times more than general population)

-24 Wall Balls

•24% will have no High School Diploma or GED(3 times more then general population)

-42 Burpees

•42% Will be convicted of a crime(7 times more than general population)

-251 Dubs

-7 Plank Hold Weight Passes

-64 Box Jumps

•251,764 Placed in the foster care system(2012)

-1K Row

-4 lengths OH Carry(DB or KB)(while waiting, partners hold hollow rock)

•1 in 4 will experience PTSD

-70 Goblet Squats(DB or KB)

•70% of children in the foster care system have a sibling

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