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Thursday 03.02.17


Thursday 03.02.17

“Being challenged is inevitable in life. Being defeated is an option.”

Week number 2!! Come check out what the CrossFit Open is all about. We will set up heats again Thursday night after they announce the workout and you will be able to RSVP for heats on WODHopper(our website). As intimidating as it may seem, to workout at a different time, remember that we are all here to support each other. Nobody will be thinking less of you for going out of your comfort zone and trying something challenging. Plus you never know who you might inspire to push a little harder or try something that they would have never thought was possible. We would love for as many of you particapating in the open to do the workouts Friday night, as we do our best to set a fun energetic environment that allows you to bring your friends and family.This will allow them to see a little bit of what it is you do at this “CRAZY CrossFit gym” you speak about all the time.

Please click the going button on our Facebook RSVP(click here) so we can make sure we have enough food. If you are up for it feel free to bring a side dish(nothing crazy).

This Friday we will HAVE a DJ playing. Put in your request.

For those of you that aren’t doing the open , we would still love your support  to come judge and help us run heats and keep everything organized. We will need help coaching/cheering. Mark your calanders and let’s make this 2017 our best CrossFit OPEN to date.

If you are from a different gym, please feel free to come on by and join us. We would love to have you. (drop in rate $15).

Prep Work 

General Warm Up

12 Sets of
:30 on :30 Off
Airdyne intervals quick aerobic pace

20 Min mobility

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