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Thursday 3.24.16


Thursday 3.24.16

****FRIENDS AND FAMILY ARE WELCOME**** We are going into the last week of 2016 CrossFit Open this Friday. The fun begins at 5:30 pm (no regular classes after the 4:30pm) and will run until we are done. Feel free to bring a side dish and anything else you want to drink(not required). The game plan is to come in and do your workout between these times. If you can’t make it at that time we understand, no big deal just perform the workout at your normal class time. Our goal to set a high energetic enviroment, that will help you perform at your best. So start talking to your friends and figure out what time you all want to go. We know that it’s good to have all the support you can while performing these workouts so please feel free to invite your friends and family, and let them see what it is you do. We will be setting up time slots on WODhopper, Thursday after they announce the workout. In order to help us run everyone through their workout in somewhat of a timely manner please make sure you are RSVPing for a time slot. With over 80 member signed up,and our friends from Lower Valley CrossFit joining us we will need all the help we can get to judge Athletes, so even if you aren’t doing the workout please feel free to stop by and help, or cheer/ eat some food. 

Prep Work



20 Min EMOM

Odd min 100′ Bear crawl

Even min 15 air squats

Approach at 75% effort
Cool Down

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