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Thursday 8.11.16


Thursday 8.11.16

MARK YOUR CALENDARS : Today. August 11 @5:30- 7pm the gym will be closed so we can set aside time for a NUTRITION SEMINAR to help all of our members learn more about how to supplement our great workouts with healthy foods, meal planning, and understanding nutrients and how they affect our results in health and fitness. This is open to all CFR members at no additional cost. 

“The road to Success and achieving goals begins in the kitchen ”
We will be sponsoring a blood drive with the American Red Cross here in Yakima next Friday, August 12,2016, from 3pm-7pm. We would love all the support and ask that you sign up if it works for your schedule. You can sign up at the gym or go to and enter the sponsor code: CrossfitReformation. (Crossfit and Reformation have to be capitalized all one word) click here
Prep WorkMobility

5k Row @ 60% Effort
Cool Down


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