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Tuesday 08.08.17


Tuesday 08.08.17

No Classes this Saturday. We will be outdoors. Click here for more info.

Myth: “I’m Going to Get Injured”

Fear of injury is sometimes the elephant in the room, and it needs to be addressed, Roehl said.

Roehl said he doesn’t promise the prospect anything because injuries can happen anywhere—at the gym, skiing, hiking, getting out of bed or in the shower. Instead, he explains it’s his job to help the client become healthy and fit through constantly varied functional movements to decrease the chances of injury.

“Injuries tend to happen when folks are attempting movements they either don’t fully understand or don’t have the capacity to perform due to some sort of physical limitation. It’s my job as coach to show you how to perform these movements to your ability in a safe and effective manner so you can do this for a long time,” he said of how he talks to a new prospect.- CF Journal


Prep Work

2 sets of 50′
High knees
Butt kickers
Walking high kicks

2-5 min of Either Mobility or practice run


8X 30M Banded resisted sprints
Starting on the green line run to the far side of the parking lot with a partner set up behind with a band around your waist. Remember for the partner resisting the runner that you are only trying to slow them down not stop them.
10 min cap


10 min AMRAP
60M Suitcase carry 70/53
10 Chest to bar pull up
200M Run
30 Double unders

2 Sets
1 Min Side plank each side
1 Min Calf Stretch
1 min Pancake stretch

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