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Tuesday 11.22.16


Tuesday 11.22.16

“All too often, success is built on failure. We just need the patience to see it through.”

Prep Work
3 min AMRAP
10 Russian Swings
30 Single skip jump rope

2X:30 Hollow hold/rock
2X5 Burpee High Jump

10 min EMOM
ODD min Shoulder to OVHD X10 95/75
Even Min Burpees X10

Rest 3 min then

10 Min EMOM
Odd min 3 Wall walks or a :30 Plank hold
Even min 13/10 Cal sprint on the bike

2X:30 Banded pec stretch
2X1:00 Banded Lat/Quad super stretch
2X1:00 Table top stretch

Cool Down
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Mon- Wed- Regular hours.

Thursday -Closed. 

Friday -Turkey Burn Off 10am-12pm. 

Saturday – Closed 

Schedule for next week! Hope to see everyone back at it. Notice we will be having our first annual Turkey Burn Off on Friday. We tested these workouts a few weeks ago and you aren’t going to want to miss out. It is suitable for all skill levels and we encourage every single one of you to come out.

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