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Tuesday 2.9.16


Tuesday 2.9.16

Lacking that motivation you first had when you started? Signing up for the open could be that kickstart you’ve been looking for!!!

Everyone’s desire to workout and get fitter can dwindle. It’s hard to maintain the energy and enthusiasm for eating clean, working out regularly and spending the necessary time to become a healthier person. Every year, people succumb to the CrossFit burnout. The Open provides a change of pace to your regular schedule and can reignite your motivation to become fitter, healthier, faster, stronger, etc. You’ll know that for five weeks there will be one special workout that thousands of other athletes around the world will be attempting to complete. Use the Open to reignite your motivation to reach your goals—not just for the five weeks the Open lasts, but for long after that.  Sign up at

Prep Work
3 min of rowing

2X10 KB Swings

2X10 Goblet squats

2-5 min mobility


5X30 90% effort Airdyne sprint

Rest :30-:60

1K Row

3 rounds

90 Double unders

30 Wall balls

1K Row

5 min Max muscle ups

Use this time to either work on pull ups/Bar muscle ups or Ring muscle ups
Cool Down


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