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Tuesday 8.23.16


Tuesday 8.23.16

Reminder** Due to some construction/ updates to the building we will be closed August 22-28. We will be meeting at Franklin Park for some fun activities.

Unfortunately our schedule will be a little different.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday.

5am, 6am , 5:30pm, 6:30pm
Saturday 9am , 10 am

Prep Work
At the terraces of Franklin park

400M Run

2X10 Russian swings

2X Terrace practice sprints @60% effort


Teams of 2-3 people

18 min AMRAP

Terrace sprint up and down+10 Burpees

Terrace sprint up and down+20 American swings

Terrace sprint up and down+30 KB Snatches


***One partner at a time working, the partner who runs also has to finish the following exercise then tagging the other partner in once completed.

3X10 Drinking Birds+Leg pumps
Cool Down


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