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Wednesday 06.19.13


Wednesday 06.19.13

So here is an updated picture of how the gym is coming along. Thursday we will start putting in mats and Olympic lifting platforms. We had a section that we weren’t going to mat. So one of my awesome brothers came up with the idea of throwing some sort of turf, that will go in on Thursday as well. Things are coming along and we are on Schedule to open up July 1st. We will keep you updated on the progress, but mark your Calendars for the Grand Opening Saturday, July 6th. Also check out our Nutrition Page. Alot of good recipes available, you have plenty to choose from.




Barbell Work:

5×3  Deficit Clean Deadlift – Let your technique dictate how heavy you go.Click here for demo.

If this is your first week don’t do the Defecit, just do a Clean deadlift, check out the Demo.

* Deficit is done on  25lb plates

* This is not the same pull as a normal deadlift.

* It is ok to reset for each Clean Deadlift

-Post Weight to Comments




400m run between sets

Deadlift no heavier than 225/155

-Your goal should be to pick a weight that you can do unbroken.

-Post weight and time to comment

Cool Down:

Banded Hamstring Stretch

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  1. Jaime

    Definitely benefitted from reading about the Technique Beforehand. Maxweight For Clean Deadlift Today For Me Was 115

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