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Wednesday 08.09.17


Wednesday 08.09.17

No Classes this Saturday. We will be outdoors. Click here for more info.

Myth: “I’m Not Fit Enough”

Joseph McGowan of CBT CrossFit CrossFit in Salem, Oregon, has had success dispelling the myth by emphasizing the coach’s role in the process.

“I had a client who had never worked out, and the sound of bars banging on the ground was enough to make her jump. What helped her make her decision to sign up was the fact that she would have a trainer that would be working with her three days a week, guiding her, encouraging her and congratulating her along the way,” McGowan said.- CF Journal


Prep Work
3 min run/row/airdyne
2X 10 each
Goblet squats
Pass throughs


Every 2 min for 12 min (6 Sets)
High Hang Snatch pull+Mid thigh Snatch pull+Mid thigh power snatch

Strict press
Every 2 min for 10 Min
2 reps, pick a weight around 80-90% of last weeks max

3X12 “Pistols”

10 Inch worm push ups W/:05 hold at the top position-Try and walk those feet in a little bit closer

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