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Wednesday 09.06.17


Wednesday 09.06.17

Let’s be blunt: Nothing stops aging. People have been trying to find the mythical and pharmacological fountain of youth for millennia, and all have failed because you can’t stop the clock.

But can we preserve anatomical structure and physiological function by doing certain things or doing certain things better? Science says yes. Click here for the full article


3 min amrap
50′ bear crawl
50′ Burpee broad jump

10 min EMOM to build to a tough 1rep-Power clean

5 Rounds for time (20 min cap)
11 Deadlifts 225/155
11 wall ball shots
11 cal row
11 HSPU or Barbell push press 95/65

3 sets of
10 reverse toe touches
:30 couch stretch

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