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Wednesday 10.19.16


Wednesday 10.19.16

Coach John Wooden says the eight laws of learning are, “explanation, demonstration, imitation, repetition, repetition, repetition, repetition and repetition.”. Meaning talk little and DO a lot.


Thursday October ,20th @ 5:30pm!! Come get your mobility on! Give your body a chance to actively recover, work out some of the mobility restrictions that continue to haunt you and learn how to change some of the bad habits leaving you at risk of injury and feeling tore up after the workout. This class is instructed by our awesome @maleegardner. Bring your foam rollers and don’t miss out on learning how to help your body recover. This is really important for the longevity of what you do and the performance also.
Prep Work
2 min row
2 Sets of 3 reps each
Snatch Grip Deadlift
High hang pull
Above the knee pull
Power snatch
Full snatch

15 min
3 position power snatch

5X:45 on 2:00 off
*Longer rest means higher numbers, goal still is of course consistency. With the extra :05 you should try and add 1…possibly 2 more calories.

2X400M Jog
2X7 Seated single bell strict press

Cool Down
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