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Wednesday 10.26.16


Wednesday 10.26.16

Family Day this Friday at 6:30 pm. 

Pull out your best costume and come workout with your kids. We will be creating a workout that you and your kids will be able to do. It’s not going to involve anything crazy. Afterwards we will be giving out some goodies for the kids. (Working on making them healthy). This is an awesome opportunity to bring your spouse and kids and show them a little of what you do. If you plan on attending please click on the going button so we have an idea of how many snack we need to get. (Going)

Thanks and look forward to see you and your family.


J.D. POWER hour 

coming to you Saturday, October 29th at 8am.
This will be a circuit style workout that Jonathan Douglas will be running. It will be a lot of body weight movements for about 30-45 minutes of moving.
For those of you looking for longer aerobic style workouts, this is for you.
We also recommend bringing your friends to this as it will be movements that will benefit and improve form.
The cost will be FREE this time
This is OPEN to all.
“Music and movement … all you need sometimes ”
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The greatest wisdom is to realize one’s lack of it. -Konstantin Stanislavski
Prep Work
2 min row
2 Sets of 3 reps each
Snatch Grip Deadlift
High hang pull
Above the knee pull
Power snatch
Full snatch

15 min
To build to a 1RM Snatch, technique is still as always the priority.

3X1:00 Row max calories. Goal is overall calories
rest 3 min

2X400M Jog
2X7 KB Windmill

Cool Down
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