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Wednesday 11.08.17


Wednesday 11.08.17

3 rounds
bear crawl 50′

10 Power snatches with pvc or bar

10 Overhead squats with pvc or bar

5 burpees

( pvc, or light  bar)

10 min EMOM
even min-3 power snatches Build up to a moderately heavy weight
odd min- 9-15 burpees

  • snatches should be touch n go( hold on to the bar)
  • burpees try and add 1 more burpee. So if you did 8 last week bump it up to 9


8 min amrap
30-50 double unders
95/75 pound  power Snatch, 10 reps.

  • If you have to do your double unders in more then two sets choose 30.
  • snatch weight should be something that you can do in sets of 3-5 when you start getting tires.

1:00 plank
1 min side plank( 30 sec on each side)

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