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Wednesday 11.23.16


Wednesday 11.23.16

“Believe you can, and you are halfway there.”

CrossFit Open + Qualifier dates announced:
Open – February 23 – March 27
Masters Qualifier (Top 200) – April 20 – 24

Click here to find out what is going on at Reformation 

Prep Work
2 min row
2 Sets of 3 reps each
Clean grip DL
High hang clean pull
Above the knee clean pull
Full clean
Split jerk


1.1. Clean and jerk
Rest 2 min in between sets
*Make these work sets challenging
15 min cap

1500M Row
Rest 4 min
1500M Row

2X400M Jog
2X5 stationary inchworm pushups

Cool Down
Post results


Mon- Wed- Regular hours.

Thursday -Closed. 

Friday -Turkey Burn Off 10am-12pm. 

Saturday – Closed 

 We will be having our first annual “Turkey Burn Off” on Friday. We tested these workouts a few weeks ago and you aren’t going to want to miss out. It is suitable for all skill levels and we encourage every single one of you to come out.

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